Imperial Fortification Project ad 2

IFP is a Goonswarm Federation [condi] run and operated investment project to collect isk for upgrading infrastructure in multiple regions. We offer isk for you services and help. If you are interested in investing isk that you have sitting around, please visit our site and read. Everything that is needed is on that site. Please If you have questions, email, and we will answer them promptly.

We will not respond in this page, so dont expect a reply on the forums.

Project will officially start on May 5th!!!
New website coming soon!!!
Now accepting Investments!!!

I smell a rat.

–Gadget doesn’t know if she should trust Dr. Ackbar or not…

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So, I checked out the website and sure it sounds great for Imperium members but it doesn’t have any long term benefit for solo players like me. Also there’s no guarantee that the IFP will make good on the ISK payment promise.

This internal goal of GSF to reinforce their Sov will more than likely also help them expand and control even more Sov in the long term. As such I think GSF should finance it themselves.

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