Imperial Overreach Within Derelik (PHEW)

Derelik is a strategically important peninsula of Empire space, bordered to the South by Providence, and both Great Wildlands and Curse to the East. Following their move from Khanid in late 2011, Derelik has also been home to the PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS (PHEW), once known within New Eden as ‘super capital hunters’.

After failing to defend their onlining Keepstar in Jayneleb on 13th Dec 2016, PHEW have engaged in an extensive campaign of imperial expansion, deploying a large number of structures within the region. A recent survey of lowsec Derelik reveals the alliance has approximately 385 billion isk of deployed structural assets across 36 systems (excluding POCOs and towers).

Details as follows:

1x Keepstar
1x Fortizar
21x Astrahus
2x Azbel
15x Raitaru
1x Tatara
25x Athanor

On paper, PHEW is an alliance of some 610 individuals spread across 37 corporations. In reality however, many of these corporations and characters are inactive and/or have a significant number of alts within their numbers - PHEW is heavily dependent upon alts both within and without the alliance. Analysis of killboard records and combat reports from engagements over the last 12 months, suggest that PHEW is realistically only able to field between 10-20 characters per engagement and very likely no more than 50 at any specific time. They are therefore assessed to be massively exposed to a coordinated attack against their deployed assets and heavily dependent upon their allies i.e. Domain Research and Mining, Honorable Third Party etc. Their current reputation also acts as a significant deterrent (with some success).

It should also be noted that many individuals within PHEW are alts locked permanently into titans or super carriers e.g. Black Jack Napier (Avatar), Belgian Biscuit (Aeon). Several recent attacks against structures have involved such alts tethered at structures within jump range during the operation. Titans and super carriers have also been observed being swapped between members - whilst there may have been operational reasons for this behavior (jump fatigue), it also serves to confuse the intelligence picture provided by killboard data.

The nature and purpose of their structure deployments is also of interest. Whilst several members of PHEW have been observed engaging in PVE activities in systems surrounding Faspera (often travelling gate-to-gate in carriers or super carriers), it is not on a scale required to fund or support a network of approximately 65 structures.

With a number of the deployed Athanor structures now operational and engaged in the moon mining process, questions were also raised regarding who would be mining the resources when they are available (if anyone). Remarkably, members of PHEW and THIRD appear to be planning to do this themselves and have today been observed mining a moon in Aranir using Rorquals equipped with Excavator mining drones.

PHEW also maintains a number of ‘freeport’ structures in systems such as Sendaya, Mifrata, Irshah, Hothomouh, Gomati, Bairshir and Abha - these are deployed by alt corps not within PHEW, such as Low Trading Conglomerate, Head Vs Heart, Harper Industrial etc. Freeports are commonly used in combination with structure mechanics to obtain jump freighter and super capital kills.

Additional info.

Non-PHEW corporations with offices in PHEW structures in Camal:
Pimebeka Initiative - has structures in Hothomouh and Bekirdod, notably a ‘freeport’ Azbel likely attempting to lure freighters.
r3darrows - often observed afk mining with Orca/Skiff in Gamis or other systems nearby.
Prison Squad
Thievery Corp

Some corporations and alliances allied to PHEW within Derelik include:
Bank of Far
Greek Flight School
Jenova Project.
Loose Ends
Xue Associates

A recent survey of hisec Derelik revealed several dead towers, a Mobile Depot advertising for a Russian newb milking corp with 35% tax, seventeen abandoned Hobgoblins and a few moss covered POCOs. The Hobgoblins were approached for comment but refused to give a statement, simply repeating ‘Bzzzz’ and ‘Don’t leave me here’. Whilst attempting to interview the aforementioned drones, an Autothysian Lancer entered system and warped headlong into the sun, broadcasting the following message system-wide as it burned up…

■■■■ this shithole


DRMI is just a friendly indie Corp. We mine and do research and the like. Have no idea who these phew guys are; just hope they stay far away from our hulk fleets.

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