Improved "Alt" Account info

So, after this year’s release of “My Year in EvE” and the fact that CCP Lumped the entire thing into what they considered was a members “Main Account”… Even though many of us will consider our “Main” to be “Something other than CCP’s Algorithm suggests”…

Can I ask this ?

If CCP want to view things this way, then it’s fair to ask that when you login ANY account linked to your “Main” - you should be able to see what your alt’s are doing (OR NOT doing as is more important).

Idle alts generate no ISK but currently, there’s no way to see what slots are free on which account.

Can we get some kind of rundown on logging into an account about how many “Slots” for Mfg, Science, Reactions etc are free/ready to deliver… An update to the Login Screen maybe ?

If you are going to use my “Main” as Stats, then I ask you let me have better tools to monitor my “Alts”…

@CSM can you push for this please ?

Never mind the consideration that many of us DO NOT login our most “Skill Pointed Pilot”, simply because that account may not be the flavour of the month ???
It would still be nice to see what our other accounts are doing/Not doing at the point of login if that’s how CCP want to treat the end of year achievements.

I’m not sure what the issue is here. I know of a variety of tools - Auth tools most of the major alliances use, for instance - that can provide these kinds of snapshots for all your accounts, and not just the ones aligned with a single email address like was shown in the video. They can provide a lot of data about each account and each character on those accounts.

CCP traditionally has not wanted to show a ton of stuff on the login screen because of account security reasons - this is why we’ve not been able to get them to provide things like “how much omega time is remaining” on the login screen, despite asking for it dozens of times.

The end of the year video is just a fun thing they do, and they’re not always accurate. Don’t read too much into it.

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Pretty sure they linked to alt accounts by people using the same email address for each individual login.

ps- FWIW I liked the EOY video, even if I doubt the “top” percentages were in anyway accurate.

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I don’t see how providing “ISK, Skills, Location, ship you are docked in” on the login screen…

Differs from providing how many active jobs/reactions/PI…

That’s not a security issue at all Brisc - It’s just CCP making us work harder.

Pretty sure the last Corp that evicted me was NOT at all interested in how many unread emails I had, My wallet balance or the fact that I was ACTUALLY in the location that the login Screen said I would be ?

There’s no security issues here if we all follow Two Factor Authentication…

Ask Steve Ronu… I’ll bet he has an opinion :slight_smile:

He was there the last time we asked for it.

CSM Point taken Brisc.

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