In-Game Leaderboards

Monthly and weekly stats for top pvp players and corporations. Most kills, most solo kills, most kills in a frigate, etc.

Special skins limited to the people currently in 1st place.

Awarded medals for getting to 1st place.

Special killmarks for killing people at the top.

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Why does CCP want to reward this activity in particular?

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Leaderboards in any game are pure cancer. No one cares about your e-peen. Keep that ■■■■ in Call Of Duty…

blah blah, usual trash, abuse by alts and killboard padding, etc. etc.

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If I want to see who killed who I just look at Zkill…

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because its a sandbox and it doesnt matter how you think people should play the game

But this sandbox allows players to use alts and pad their killboard stats. How would your idea counter or prevent such abuse?

i guess their wallet would. If the reward is most capital kills, how many fitted capitals can you burn before you get broke?

If someone wants to burn their ships for a particular spot, let them.

No, because if some destroys a citadel in a WH all the ships inside drop, you can then kill them and get mails for ships that arent even piloted.

And what exactly does that have to do with leaderboards?

If anything your suggestion is anti-sandbox because you are advocating “Merry Go Round” style tracking which treats the sandbox as nothing more than a container for PvP and PvE rides.

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We already have this - that’s what the Your Year in Eve video was all about.

In a game like this, CCP can’t just hand out free intel. It either has to be voluntarily offed (zkillboard) or anonymized like those videos did.

That’s all you’re gonna get in a sandbox game like this.

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