Offer a non-monetary incentive for destruction

Currently, the game doesn’t seem to offer enough incentive for destruction- and you can see this in terms of corporations/players building up large stockpiles of wealth, ships, and other items. In fact, one of the only visible (objective/numeric) “scores” that the game gives us is our net worth- which generally goes down whenever we engage in PvP.

My suggestion is: Have the game start including stats (think monthly leaderboard) for players/corporations. Show things like number of kills, value destroyed, # of unique toons, etc… Im not suggesting monetary rewards- just a number. Some people like wealth, and won’t care about this- but some people like fame/recognition- and this would provide incentive to those types of players. I know zkill already reports some of this- but I’m suggesting having this leaderboard in game.

I realize some people may try to farm this by killing their alts- but by making this “non-monetary”, many of those “farmers” would find it pointless to blow up their own stuff.

So… an extra free intel tool that is always precise and correct.


You have 3rd-party killboards that do that sort of thing just fine and are optional for those who want to keep their activity covert.

Thanks for the feedback. Since these stats would be for recognition - I would say players should be able to have their leaderboard info hidden, if that’s their preference. It’s primarily for the players who WANT the recognition to have their stats shown.

You made an interesting comment about zkill, if I don’t want my activity reported there, can I choose to have my data excluded from that platform?

Killboards it is then.

You can always choose to never post killmails you get, but you cannot stop other players from posting their kill/loss mails.

I don’t want my character/corporation/alliance shown on zKillboard? How do I remove them?

All characters, corporations, and alliances will always be displayed. zKillboard will not accept ISK or any form of currency to have entities removed. Yes, offers have been made and all offers get turned down.

Thanks for the added background. My idea is more driven by incentivizing destruction (without adding more stuff into the economy) rather than providing free intel. For that reason, I’d prefer that stats show up as totals - and not have the details (time, system, ship used).

I’d also want this more advertised in the eve client itself, rather than relying on a 3rd party website.

But I guess the question is: would there be enough interest from the eve community for such a feature? Or is zkill “good enough”?

We already have zkb and the activity tracker. Your leader board idea will just be gamed and farmed with alts. Waste of time idea.

Without juicy details there is no incentive at all. And as said above “totals” can be gamed.

Edit: i think FW has some sort of ingame leaderboards, so if you want this kind of thing - you may want to join militia now.

My overall goal is to incentivize destruction without adding more stuff into the economy.

And my THOUGHT was that adding an in game leaderboard would add to the destruction.

I suppose if people did farm this- it would still technically be destruction…

Most people don’t care about ZKB as it exists already.

So you’re saying people wouldn’t care?

Yet earlier, you suggested people would farm it? That suggests they WOULD care.

Or are you saying people wouldn’t care- but would farm it anyways??? Could you clarify your position?

I’m saying people won’t care.
I’m also saying, one or two individuals who may give a ■■■■, would care.

I’m saying, there will not be enough people who give a ■■■■ that this would be worthwhile. Zkb already exists in this capacity, and very few people actually use it. Suggesting that your idea is trash.

Your idea is a good one. Don’t get trolled by the haters.

CCP has considered the idea of in-game killboards, but decided not to bother. The issue with the killboards is that they give too much data. If Eve provided just totals, rather than all the killmail details, it would be more reasonable.

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Thanks. I’m open to any feedback- positive or critical.

I also didn’t realize CCP had commented on it before- so that’s interesting. I also don’t know what kind of development work would be needed for this, so that could sway my opinion as well.

The other way to go is corp adverts.

Finding a half decent corp is not easy. There are a lot of lies out there. Many corps say they pvp but don’t. Many say they are active 24h a day but aren’t.

Copy the activity tracker into corps and allow corps to make the data public in their adverts. Pve kills in the last 30 days, pvp kills, m3 ore mined, and average number of players online at each time of day as an average of the last 30 days.

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Some of that data can be gained from zKB and/or Dotlan, especially if it is a null-based corp.

I like this. For every applicant, I will take a fair amount of time to explain this information and a summary would save me some typing and trying to wade through a less than perfect memory.

Like corporate decorations, some time limited badges that a player can optionally display on their character sheet, or that a corporation CEO/Director can choose to display on the corporation info panel when they meet certain criteria could be an incentive for some to get out and play, and would not add a whole lot of UI clutter. I’m not sure how effective it would be in getting people motivated, but it does seem feasible to implement and possibly beneficial. I’m not very familiar with the impact of these systems on human behavior, though, and I tend not to engage with them myself.

You can get likes on Instagram, you don’t need eve for that.

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