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CCP make nice events where you kill rats and get Sp or something like this. But they should make awards for solo and small gang PVP (>10). As a main solo PVPer i get blobbed every time. This event should give a huge bonous. Strong good combat booster and SP for example. And it could be like the old Serpentis event where u get a big grate at the end. Maybe filled with a special ship BP or Plex or Booster. The main thing is to generate good fights. And for the carebears under you. Think about it. You can make PVP in T1 ■■■■ and if u die u lose 10mio. And u dont have to ping for 1 Solo guy. Grab your balls, get into a ship and fight him. Learn from your mistakes. Get better. Fight the blob. Solo and small gang PVP is way more fun then F1 PVP.
A very good tipp: If u give a small gang group a good fight they will return to their Homesystem. If u give no content they will kill ur Miner and Ratter. If u blob them they will stay till they kill something and u cant rat or mine.

It’s a sandbox. When CCP give you reason to PvP for reward from CCP it’s no longer sandbox.
Such event will generate ocean of salt bigger than blackout.

I get the idea and like it (even as person who don’t do PvP) but it will just have negative impact on community.


But CCP gives ou a reason to rat with some events or do ratting storry lines. Why is it not good to creat PVP story lines and maybe PVP and PVE mixed. But my main aspect is not to collect salt. I want that everyone try to make solo and small gang PVP. And you can do it with T1 Frigs. So i dont see why people get salty about it.
So i dont understand why it isnt good for the game. Maybe because everyone lives in his blue dounut.

PvP for rewards will be exploited to silly levels


I see no difference between
A) Warp to random belt and kill ‘n’ number of random NPC
B) Kill 'x" number of friends/alts in corvette.

It’s abused in same way.

Players will find a way.

On the face of it it’s no different but player have a habit of being able to twist and exploit stuff in the long history of EvE.

It’s one of the fun things about EvE that so much is player interaction.

I agree they should have rewards/ events for PVP especially because it is a PVP game. It’s pretty easy to stop people from exploiting it. Simply make it like the bounty system where the kill has to be worth x value. The value to receive skill points could be determined by the taking the amount of sp needed, how much training that equates to at Max rate, and converting to Plex value of that much sp. Then double the isk value needed so you have a huge margin of error. No one is going to blow up their alt to get half the isk value in sp, capped at whatever amount the event gives per day. And if they were that dumb and did great! That helps the economy by destroying tons of stuff.

I fully disagree

  1. sandbox game as said above
  2. easy to exploit: i let my friend kill me and get the reward, then i kill him and get the reward

YOU want? and why do you think you can imagine to force others to follow YOUR play style??? in a sandbox???
You want to prompt people to provide “fair fights” and 1v1s? in an open pvp game with paper-scissor-stone rules??? try other mmos, arenas, etc

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I like where the OP is coming from (incentivizing PvP), but I disagree with offering a financial reward due to the likelyhood of abuse.

As an alternative, I would prefer to see in game stats/rankings by character for the month. Could show: Number of kills, total isk destroyed, # of unique victims, etc.

That’s all it is, just a number. No isk prize, no blue loot. Bragging rights only. Could people skew this ranking by blowing up their Alt’s Titan? Of course… but they won’t get a financial reward for it. Also, if we make this a monthly ranking, people will be encouraged to do this on an ongoing basis.

Not everyone is gonna care about their statistic, just like not everyone cares about accumulating mass isk. But I think there would be enough PvPers that would like to see their successes tracked.

I realize that zkill offers some of this, but I’d want to have this info available in the game client (people are more likely to see/notice).

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Isn’t that what killboards do?

Here’s the thing, my suggestion is to having this recognition in the game client itself- in order to have the recognition be more visible. I want there to recognition- so people will actually be more encouraged to do shoot stuff. zKill is outside the game client- it’s an extra step that people actually have to flip over too (you may have noticed from my other posts, I’m not a big fan of people having to leave the game client in order to see information about the game)

If you feel zkill is already doing a great job of incentivizing PvP- then you’ll probably feel this is not needed.

Well you see… IMO Killboards do jack squat to incentivise PvP.

Kill boards already do all the things you are talking about. Putting into the game client will change zip.
I understand that you’d like it all in game but TBH why waste dev time to fit it in when 3rd parties have been doing it for over a decade.
Let the devs concentrate on the game and other who are interested in making a small part of the game about stats and ‘leaderboards’ do that themselves…

You’re not thinking this through.
Let me help you.

What future status quo is this going to move things towards …
… and how does it get there?

My belief is that the game doesn’t properly incentivize destruction. There’s more incentive build up ships and wealth, to form a big alliance so you can gather resources as safely as possible.

If you believe there is already plenty of destruction, and there’s no need to encourage more of it, then there’s no need to implement any solution.

If you do agree that more destruction is needed, then we at least agree on the issue. I’m not dead set on a particular solution- but my overall GOAL is to incentivize destruction, without adding more stuff into the economy.

I don’t agree with your base.

You believe the issue is a lack of incentive for destruction.
That’s not the case. It doesn’t actually work that way at all.

What you perceive as a lack of incentive is a surplus of deterrents.

Ooohhhh this is great! My favourite topic!
The New Player Meta and how our society is being shaped every single day.


Allow me to push you a bit, by offering you a perspective with more options and insights compared to yours. More options to think about and work with. Your approach lacks a proper base beyond offering people a cookie for doing (a range of) certain activities.

Are you aware of the status quo for new players, in more detail?

  • There’s a protection button defaulted to Green, deterring new players from “breaking out of a certain behavioural norm”. If they choose to “break out”, they will be met with either a Suspect, or a GCC timer, which - for new players - are both equivalent to a fifteen minute death sentence. There are other issues with this button, but that’d be a different context.

    That button tells you “DON’T DO THIS, OR ■■■■■■■ ELSE!”. The fact that Green is the default tells people that Green is good, because obviously it wouldn’t be default if it wasn’t. Green is Good, Red is bad. When you dare to break out of the forced norm you will be severely punished.

Fact of the matter is that the “behavioural norm” is pushing you towards “peaceful” activities, correctly spotted by you …

… but on the other end of how this works. There are no incentives in regards to new players are playing the game, there is only “the norm” and “deterrents”. The game is designed in a way that makes them far more likely to go the way of being a “productive” member of society and goes out of its way to shove “legality” into their faces. The difference is significant, because the new player isn’t aware that his behaviour is basically being manipulated from the ground up. I believe this invisible golden cage is actually a normal part of game design.

If you need an image to better understand this, imagine rookies started in lowsec, with low seccers (specifically FW, but not only) being all over them to make sure they’re making it through the first week alive. Or, hell, imagine rookies started in FW and need to opt out.

Compare that to the status quo.
The difference is significant.

  • During a Suspect timer everyone can always “legally” shoot you for fifteen minutes, making it impossible to continue normal playing. Only a small percentage of new players will even try, with even less of those trying it again. Before this was a thing, when you stole from a can/wreck, you were only flagged for the members of this corporation, excluding NPC corps of course.

    You had a chance of getting away and continuing playing, while now you’re basically forced to stay at a safe spot, or docked. For fifteen minutes.

  • Wars are not about people anymore, but about lifeless, expendable structures. In the past everyone could start a war pretty easily, including new players. People declared Wars often for social reasons, like someone who didn’t know his place yet. Bigmouthing got you content and back then you could be actually tracked down within a reasonable amount of effort.

    Nowadays you can park your structure in a holding corp and never actually personally have to interact with anyone at all. That’s so completely opposite of how it was before it’s mind boggling how one can come up with such an idea without foreseeing the increased isolation and seperation this will cause.

  • Destroying things in highsec grants you a fifteen minute death sentence and a loss of sec, which is more severe when you shoot pods. The eventual outcome, -10, is the “incentive” for you to head to low sec instead, attempting to push you into a completely different game with different rules.

It looks like, based on the status quo, that the issue is not lack of incentive for destruction. Especially for “new blood” to come, there are deterrents which prevent more destruction from happening.

Simply not deterring new players from “breaking out of the norm” would help a lot for the long run.

I’m talking about highsec alone here because that’s where every new player starts. Highsec and the rookies initial experiences shape the mind of the new player and his approach towards the game. That’s also why it’s a good thing CCP is going to change this completely, because the status quo - excuse my rural french - sucks donkey balls.

Now when you talk about big scale nullsec wars it’s a completely different beast. Here the supreme leaders do not wish to cause destruction and no matter how much incentive you’d be giving, it’s unlikely that it’s going to beat ratting. Worse, most of these people are actually incapable of operating without an FC, turning the whole thing into a joke because all the people would be doing is pressing F1 anyway.

The Goons are the prime example of what’s wrong with this game, because they’re basically a massive group of simple minded farmers put together with a small amount of smart people doing all the thinking, including capable FCs. The F1-button-pusher meme is a thing for a reason.

Anyhow, here’s what I’ve figured out over the years
since CCP started their “expansion of the fanbase”:

  • When you need to bait people into playing your game, then you’re running a shitty game.

  • People who can be baited into playing your game are shitty people.

  • People who can be baited into playing will eventually be baited away by someone else. Though, to be fair, EVE kind of enables people to half assedly play it whenever there’s a fleet ping incoming.

Seriously, if EVE ONLINE was a person then it’d lack any and all dignity.

When people stop playing a game for playing’s sake, then you end up with a shitty game filled with shitty people who solely play for the “bait/drug/incentive/reward”. They don’t play because they like the game, they play because of the bait.

Had to take several breaks. This post is a few hours old by now and I’m feeling like I’m not only writing too much, but also that it’s basically useless anyway. Not your fault.

I hope you can take away something from it
and maybe we can talk live some time.


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