PVP Award

CCP make nice events where you kill rats and get Sp or something like this. But they should make awards for solo and small gang PVP (>10). As a main solo PVPer i get blobbed every time. This event should give a huge bonous. Strong good combat booster and SP for example. And it could be like the old Serpentis event where u get a big grate at the end. Maybe filled with a special ship BP or Plex or Booster. The main thing is to generate good fights. And for the carebears under you. Think about it. You can make PVP in T1 ■■■■ and if u die u lose 10mio. And u dont have to ping for 1 Solo guy. Grab your balls, get into a ship and fight him. Learn from your mistakes. Get better. Fight the blob. Solo and small gang PVP is way more fun then F1 PVP.
A very good tipp: If u give a small gang group a good fight they will return to their Homesystem. If u give no content they will kill ur Miner and Ratter. If u blob them they will stay till they kill something and u cant rat or mine.

It’s a sandbox. When CCP give you reason to PvP for reward from CCP it’s no longer sandbox.
Such event will generate ocean of salt bigger than blackout.

I get the idea and like it (even as person who don’t do PvP) but it will just have negative impact on community.

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But CCP gives ou a reason to rat with some events or do ratting storry lines. Why is it not good to creat PVP story lines and maybe PVP and PVE mixed. But my main aspect is not to collect salt. I want that everyone try to make solo and small gang PVP. And you can do it with T1 Frigs. So i dont see why people get salty about it.
So i dont understand why it isnt good for the game. Maybe because everyone lives in his blue dounut.

PvP for rewards will be exploited to silly levels

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I see no difference between
A) Warp to random belt and kill ‘n’ number of random NPC
B) Kill 'x" number of friends/alts in corvette.

It’s abused in same way.

Players will find a way.

On the face of it it’s no different but player have a habit of being able to twist and exploit stuff in the long history of EvE.

It’s one of the fun things about EvE that so much is player interaction.

I agree they should have rewards/ events for PVP especially because it is a PVP game. It’s pretty easy to stop people from exploiting it. Simply make it like the bounty system where the kill has to be worth x value. The value to receive skill points could be determined by the taking the amount of sp needed, how much training that equates to at Max rate, and converting to Plex value of that much sp. Then double the isk value needed so you have a huge margin of error. No one is going to blow up their alt to get half the isk value in sp, capped at whatever amount the event gives per day. And if they were that dumb and did great! That helps the economy by destroying tons of stuff.

I fully disagree

  1. sandbox game as said above
  2. easy to exploit: i let my friend kill me and get the reward, then i kill him and get the reward

YOU want? and why do you think you can imagine to force others to follow YOUR play style??? in a sandbox???
You want to prompt people to provide “fair fights” and 1v1s? in an open pvp game with paper-scissor-stone rules??? try other mmos, arenas, etc

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I like where the OP is coming from (incentivizing PvP), but I disagree with offering a financial reward due to the likelyhood of abuse.

As an alternative, I would prefer to see in game stats/rankings by character for the month. Could show: Number of kills, total isk destroyed, # of unique victims, etc.

That’s all it is, just a number. No isk prize, no blue loot. Bragging rights only. Could people skew this ranking by blowing up their Alt’s Titan? Of course… but they won’t get a financial reward for it. Also, if we make this a monthly ranking, people will be encouraged to do this on an ongoing basis.

Not everyone is gonna care about their statistic, just like not everyone cares about accumulating mass isk. But I think there would be enough PvPers that would like to see their successes tracked.

I realize that zkill offers some of this, but I’d want to have this info available in the game client (people are more likely to see/notice).