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I was wondering if it is a issue in corps that are ***actively recruiting***, People often hit reply to corp mails, not realizing it is going out to the entire corp again, and it piles up fast. I was wondering if others experience this. I'm thinking when one hits reply to one of these mails that it perhaps should only include the actual primary sender, to make greater use of a "cleaner" mail system. What do you think?

I have experienced this as well. What you want already exists. It’s called Reply. Those people intentionally click in Reply To All, which is a different button, just so that they can spam unrelated people with mails. If they click on Reply as they should as intelligent beings, they will only reply to the person who sent the mail to the corp, alliance, mailing list and not to anyone else. It’s the same as in normal mail programs.

Why did you make your text appear as code, though? You know that this makes it a lot harder to read, right?

Post Fixed. Yeah, I understand the button is there but I also understand the greater public breaks it, It could work better if it was perhaps more obvious to the user… something as simple as color one button or something to make it even more clear. It could be a great help.

That could certainly help. Or simply making it a text button instead of an icon button.

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This thread is in the wrong section. The section is for game change and feature ideas.

Yes, I have received work emails where someone has clicked reply to all by accident…

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