Relentless spam

Why is it okay for corps like the Student Council (STDNT) to mailbomb rookie help every day? This puts many new players off, especially considering they will send multiple e-mails to the same person.

On top of that, they use a new character every day, then biomass it, so you can’t block them. Why is behaviour like this tolerated, when it’s clear abuse of the mail system?

First CSM to commit to trying to bring this issue up with CCP will get my vote. People have no idea how many people get a very bad first impression of EVE, between mail spam, and mobile depot spam.


I’m 4 days old and have had so many mails. One was entirely in Russian!

If CCP does nothing about it, it may be time for us capsuleers to start targeting corps that engage in such practices like we did with ICANP…

Is it just Student Council that does this? Any other corps out there that also abuse the mail system like that, i.e. send multiple copies of the same mass recruiting mail and biomass the toons used for that on a regular basis?

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