Corp mail abuse and spam :facepalm:

Recently in Pandamic Horde a small group of people have implented some kind of population control in horde space, depending on the current active numbers online, if they go higher than average they come into action resulting people logging out out of several reasons.
It is pretty entertaining to them, so when they come into action all mining is shut down, basic transport routes are caution (blocked), and some degree of caution for ratters.

  1. Excavator mining drones getting killed
  2. Transport ships on transport routes are getting caught (some by using an exploit to alter bookmark location so ships cannot instant jump)
  3. And everything else they are able to get caught and kill with gangs of Alpha accounts

They can only be kicked from corp once they are in station, and than log in with another alt, and since Pandemic Horde is a newbie friendly corp, anyone without being on the blacklist is always permitted to join no matter how suspicious it might look.

There actions lately have caused player damages in the tens of billions, they usually start their raid by isolating an excavator mining drone, and than focus on transport/industrial ships of people who didn’t did the first thing when starting up the game opening the Intel channels (and/or comms) which is really sad.

I couldn’t find the corp mail 123 or maybe it was said in local (would than need to dig in my chat logs, wouldn’t be that difficult), but one of them said they were going to f*ck up all gameplay in horde space for everyone, with the goal of keep doing that.

Anyway this post is about the corp mail spam they are doing, this is one aspect of the harassment mechanic.
95% of these mails are send by either by the small groups of individuals or one person belonging to this group, there are like just 8 or them maybe, I don’t know honestly, and they have countless alpha alts, I have erased the names so it’s difficult to see who send what.

Oh you say you want to see the content of them? Here is some





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well thats funny

On second thought, let’s not go to nullsec. Tis a silly place.


Seems like a pandemic horde issue, not my concern.


Now that you know how to do it fight fire with fire and do the same to Karmafleet?

How do you know it’s karmafleet?

I don’t. But this would be the most funny outcome, wouldn’t it?

Seen this in RvB and really it requires vigilence and people online with roles to quickly kick the offenders. Given those roles are director level it can be tough.

Edited to add:
One option… Add the new players to a holding corp, only moving them to PH after x months. They will still spam alliance mails and such, but at least they are a little more isolated. Plusb you can have more directors for an assetless holding corp, making removal of people easier.

Horde’s problem to deal with.

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Those people seem to have issues… Real life issues.

And another thing that alpha accounts totaly break…

Definitely seems so, there is enough material in all of the mails you can diagnose them properly, it’s a combination of a degree of autism, insecurity and hate and fear (the psychological root of hate is fear)
Everything of this issue has been reported to CCP by many members of horde, CCP designers responsible for these mechanics have no intensions to change mechanics for resolving this issue yet, they definitely have been blackmailed or their not seeing this as something harmful.
Despite that horde is fed up with this issue for like half a year already.(and people logging off or quit)

This must be the new meta in alliance warfare. Now that you’ve made it public, even more people will get the idea.

Definitely annoying, to me it kinda looks like corp infiltration which has been done for years by spies, but in this case they are not hiding.

FTP accounts are used to harrass playes and player organisations without consequences. Same thing in other games that are/went FTP. There are potential workarounds but those need some manpower and therefore cut into the margin.

What is the issue here? When they make you stop doing things, then that’s not their fault. You doing what they want will just make them keep coming. People in nullsec alliances hiding from a few others is something that needs to be addressed by fighting back, not by hiding? What are you, a carebear alliance? Get out of null, then.

Pandemic Horde is infested with spies.

I mean I’ve had many corp mates who had alts in PH to ■■■■ with newbeans like playing with their internal maket, staying cloaked in anoms to feed on ticks or using intel to ambush them.

PH is probably good to learn about null sec environment and participate in your first fleets but after a while I advise you to start looking for a more selective alliance to have a better EvE experience.

pandemic horde doesn’t give a ■■■■ about its new members there is no security in horde at all
they do not do any background checks at all there’s nothing stopping me from having 15 alts
getting every last one of them into a dreadnought and wiping out a few carriers skill injectors and isk the only requirements

and the leadership in horde cannot be proven wrong if you question them at all about anything they will kick you out I was in horde for over 6 months dealing with unreliable buyback services cuz the buyback Services were terrible the only way I was able to make money was using an orca out there I chose to brag about the fact I paid the insurance on the ship twice and one of them got butthurt over the fact I was flying an orca and I got kicked out

I’m already over my ■■■■■■■■ in horde a lot of the people I met in horde left they’ve moved on to better places like Karma Fleet or test or Brave

all the spam pandemic horde is receiving is from all their stupid management decisions they’ve made if they forced everybody to give over an API that ■■■■ would stop pretty quickly

pandemic horde doesn’t even keep records they’re so stupid they didn’t kick my alts out of the corporation

Looks like a fun corp. :rofl:

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I’m amazed about the local forum dwellers over here justifying this kind of behavior, or horde it self has to find a way to deal with this kind of situation in some way(?)
This is gold.

Well, what do you think WE can do about it?

I mean, it’s a tragedy, sure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


who is “WE” ?