Fixing some toxic exploits

Recently I had posted a topic on general discussion about some toxicity spread by some people in our corporation (pandemic horde)

To seal these exploits used by a small group of people (maybe max 10) harassing over 13.000 members effectively by explicitly targeting our company in some kind of op I have some suggestions to do that.

  1. Corporation mails send requires authorization from directors or any other kind of status in the corp before they are actually send to everyone.
  2. Attacking your own corp members are limited to omega accounts, alpha accounts can lock, but cannot aggress other than reps etc.
  3. With suggestion 2 also requires; Alpha accounts need to be docked inside a NPC station to leave a corp or a station designated when a player owned station.
    Or maybe even non corporation owned space.

Is it possible someone official is able to give a reply to this, not particular about the ideas but about the issue I have the suggestions for, if this “issue” is being addressed in some way.

  1. I thought this was a configurable option already.
  2. lolnope. There should be no way to distinguish between an Alpha and an equally SP’ed Omega.
  3. I don’t understand. Explain it differently.

Besides, the corp/alliance has an automated kick queue that enacts during downtime. These people would be kicked automatically if only someone higher-up wanted to kick them.

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who are you

I’m just parroting what CCP has said in the past. This is specifically the reason why Alpha/Omega status is NOT in the API.

Well I appreciate you’re giving some clarification on that
I do believe these kind of commandments can be revised in some situations tho.
Of what I posted, these kind of stuff is costing tons and tons of subs for CCP.
There is a reason these monkeys came into action, our active online numbers were growing fast, it was reaching 230 in our main standing fleet.
You know why? simply because we had a lot of fun, and people came back the day after, shame on us.
Maybe it’s coincidence but these mentally ill people always came into action when active numbers in our main standing fleet (we had 2) reached in the 190 :sauropod:
People log off, they can’t mine, every gate or jump bridge your industrial ship can be awoxed, issues for ratters, everything what is outside a station they create some kind of trouble (they even changed the bookmark for jump bridge with an exploit to awox you)
Now a lot of people only log in when there are important ops, funny is yesterday we had a moon goo op, we had around 300 people showing up to mine the first moon ore it was hilarious, free t1 barges and venture handouts, no rorqs allowed, we mined nearly 3 moons empty, than zarvox showed up in our staging system, we went with 150 mining ships splitted from the moon mining fleet to fight his fleet with mining barges and ventures, and we send them to valhalla. (zarvox)
ooooooo shame on us :fish:

You have any actual data to back up that statement?

Leave PL and you won’t be seeing toxic stuff anymore


Exploit has a very specific meaning. If there is an actual exploit, submit a support ticket. If there is not an actual exploit, stop using that word.


Seems like the ups and downs of an open door policy.

The corp mail thing is a tough one. Having every corp mail require someone with roles to approve will be infuriating. And some smaller corps don’t have leadership that is active everyday. The suggestions in the thread about a noob/feeder corp are a good idea.

Making/Changing bookmarks requires roles I thought. So thats something you can restrict.

General AWOXing is the risk you take by not screening. Getting to know your corpies is part of the interaction in this game. You sure as ■■■■ can’t auto-safety alphas. That’s just a dick-move.

It already does. You need to be assigned the role Communications Officer to send evemails to Corp.

If you are scared of being engaged by Corp mates, then don’t be in a Corp with 13,000 members that has an open door recruitment policy. It’s totally an option to go live in highsec and have the friendly fire setting set on Illegal, meaning any corp mate that attacks will be Concorded (the introduction of the friendly fire setting has virtually killed out awoxing in highsec, but null has always had it).

You can only leave or join a Corp if you are docked, or if you are in a capsule. That’s true of all characters, alpha or omega.

If it is someone in a capsule in space, that is hardly a threat.

If they are in a station, the undock can be bubbled and if it is an Upwell structure, anyone in tether range is invulnerable, so you aren’t at risk from Corpmates if you are tethered and they leave Corp while docked.

The problem are alpha accounts, not only can they mine in a venture for free, but they can take out billions of isk worth.
The whole game is designed around people having to spend a fortune to do these kind of jokes, awox? 1.5 bill please, spy and get caught? 1,5 bill please, being anoying? 1,5 bill please, blacklisted, and now you require a another 1,5 bill to do it all again.
Are you getting the point here? :thinking: (are you?)
That’s why it’s possible, it’s not free, Oh wait it’s free now

Learn to use your :brain::dominican_republic:

Good to know

The thing is to prevent alpha’s from joining and leaving corp inside player owned space.
Let’s say they are not allowed to awox anymore, they can’t go like a trojan horse get in and quickly leave corp to attack former corp members anyway.

I’m not saying these mechanics should be banned, what I’m saying is not for free!, that’s what I’m pointing out.

The whole game risk/opportunities/whateveryoudo is based on a currency you can translate to real life currency,that’s what the whole game balance system is build on from it’s core.

:facepalm: ccp please protect us from unnecessary mental illness and their fumes in some extend.



Yeah, this whole thing sounds like you just suck at recruitment and/or diplomacy. I’m far too lazy to read 2 different threads crying about the same topic, so it sounds like you’re not even a director not even of a solo alt corp, that you don’t even understand the basic functionality of the tools available. And that with a complete lack of understanding of what’s already there, you’re asking for a complete revamp to suit exactly one situation. Based solely on the way you present yourself, I’d vote a strong “no” on changing the existing system in the slightest.

Please save yourself the efforts :+1:

It doesn’t work like that

Not only do i have no problem with it being free, i take my hat off to those doing it.

Poor security = easy pickings.

This is the beauty of the sandbox. That’s how this works. You have options for tightening security and new players have other places to go outside of horde.

But alphas aren’t going to get restrictions as to who they can shoot. That’d be crap. Power to the little people :fist:

That’s why the forum folk over here deserves medals :medal_military::medal_sports::1st_place_medal: :gift_heart:

Just a nod will do.

Welcome to the sandbox. :rofl: