Fixing some toxic exploits

All you needed to say was:

Title: Make Communications Officer role required for Corporation-wide mails
Message: See title.

I’m not really good in communications, and the feedback on this forum is pretty mediocre :turks_caicos_islands:

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Just because you don’t like the feedback you get, it doesn’t mean the feedback itself is bad…


So who decides what is bad and what is good? if you’re having problems with my opinions you’re going to have a hard time in this world

You can have as many opinions as you like. Nobody can take that away from you. But saying that the feedback isn’t good on the forums just because it’s not aligned with your views is not really objective way to say it’s not good quality feedback.

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You certainly don’t.

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Well yea pretty much, when I see the majority of the people on this forum which are active 95% justifying what is being done here

And this is normal behavior, and it is all my own fault, while I try to address an issue. :martial_arts_uniform:

Do you have any idea how this all affect my insecurities, including this? :woman_juggling:

The thing is, those issues are very easily dealt with current tools already. The reason why it happens in Pandemic Horde is the open door recruitment policy. Eventually you will get bad apples in.

You can kick people from the corporation even if they don’t dock. They will be kicked at next downtime.

You can limit who has access to the corp bookmarks through roles, but it does increase the workload for those who have up clean them out.

That’s because we play the games by the rules and accept to live with them. If the recruitment in your corp is a wide open door policy, then you will get stuff like that. Get an actual recruitment team with people who do checks to not recruit trash and those event will go down. No corp with actual recruitment policy has this kind of issue. It’s entirely a PH thing because PH leadership is too damn lazy to organize recruitment.

Does that explain about the people on this forum?

@Wander Prian @Frostys Virpio

Keep justifying it, maybe one day people will find out what you’re doing here :skiparrot:

People moved the corp bookmarks without having the right to do so.
jumb bridge bms were moved 50km from the jb. Happened to me one day on several bms, no loss incurred though
THAT is(was ?) exploit using. Or maybe a server/player bug, I don’t know.

Awoxing people is totally fine. Destroying your toon or just creating another account in order to do the same over and over is abusing the character creation mechanism, as it is done to bypass the penalty of being kicked and red from horde.
People that were camping us, joined us. Maybe they will awox us later ? It’s the game. We accept that. People who create new toons only to by pass the fact we removed their previous one from corp ? That is not acceptable in a game.

Those people also spam corp mails after they awox. When they are removed from the corp.

I have in no way justified their actions. I just stated that you already have the tools to deal with it.

Pretty sure CCP only really care about his if you do it to evade the consequence of your security status being tanked by criminal action.

As for the rest of your issue, it’s a corporation matter. Fix your recruitment policy and it will stop.

Except you can’t stop people making new alpha accounts. Nor are they doing anything that would warrant out of game actions.

In a way they are using your own laziness against you.

As you cannot edit the bookmarks location after its made, the person would have needed to make a new bookmark, which would have the characters name attached to it as well as time and date.

You require correct roles to be able to delete corporate bookmarks, meaning tightening your role-allowance sounds like a good idea.

Because you have a open door -recruitment with no moderation of any kind who gets in, you unfortunately will get people who take advantage of that.

It will be hilarious if they find out a director is moving the BMs so his alts can get easy kills just for the lulz.

Says the kid calling people mentally ill because they don’t play like he wants them to.

Pretty sure they expressly forced players to only have one alpha account for a reason, that is prevent people from abusing the creation of new free accounts.

You can have as many alpha-accounts as you like. Just not log them in at the same time

did you post here for the sole reason to call me “lazy” ?