In search of place to call home

Hello everyone.
As the topic stated a small, active and growing corp is looking for 0.0 space to call home.
Prefered to join alliance and give them some capitals into their feets. Also we are willing to take part in alliance fleets. Defending home or attacking crusaders.
Other is thru rent with reasonabe price. Would prefer system quiet and outside of main traffic pipes. Also would offer some services to penefit both sides.
Please hit me up in eve mail.

Best regards

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If you are able to embrace Not Red, Don’t Shoot philosophy, Providence, and in particular, Care Factor (Alliance) may be a good fit.

Weekend post bump. We are still in search and we also consider rental options.

Contact me in game

Hi there

If your search goes unfruitful, and you talk about merging with another Corp, come say hi

We are uk based Corp, in null sec part of alliance and coalition, space for all things pvp/pve/mining etc.

I know you’d like to stay as a Corp, but to look at options and find the right Corp to merge with come check us out, we’d :ballot_box_with_check:️ All the boxes

Fly safe o/

Your best bet is probably going to be to merge with an existing corp. With only 6 members, it’s unlikely that any alliance has any interest unless they’re exceptionally bad or desperate.

Feel free to hit me up in game, I know some people who may be able to help with the rental idea too.

Krissooo1. Did you find a home yet?

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