In The Rule of Three

Dante walks onto the, now, familiar stage and is greeted by a crowd of people sitting within their seats. He gave them a warm smile and outreaching wave as he walked to his podium. This time the broadcast is set to all feeds. Adjusting his mic and outer-coat like the avatar picture, he starts, “Namas all… Now, what is a motif or the rule of three?”

The crowd stays silent and reserved for the most part, sitting within their chairs and taking Dante’s question as a rhetorical one. Dante continue with the explanation, “A motif is something of symbolic importance while the rule of three can be a way to convey something within three’s. This can be seen politically, socially, or religiously.” Dante chuckles to himself then composes himself and continues on, “For the Amarrian faith–their God, the devil or Molok, then man… For the Caldari–the first and main trio corporations which are the Practicals, the Liberals, and the Patriots… And finally, many of the majority held societal ladders: the high class, the middle class, and the low class.”

“The rule of three is everywhere and is a motif within a new invading empire – the Triglavians…” he said while a slide show of different pictures of the Triglavians on the screen in the background.

“Their society is built around the rule of three entirely… It is rather interesting as that their rules of order isn’t too than our’s. The work in self-righteous arrogance just like us, from the baseliners to the capsuleer and the nations within the cluster. Their origin is only of speculation, but their motives are rather simple. To purge the defilers of the ‘one body, one mind’ law from the cluster… which are the Sansha, the Other, and the Drifters… They do this in their arrogant, self-righteous ‘our-way-or-death’ approach. A more… scientifical and survival of the fittest of the older version of the Amarrian Reclaiming. That is why there was and is an ongoing ‘Proving’ that they set up. They were and still are testing us to see we are worthy of living their way, whether we should be considered allies or enemies… They are imperialistic tyrants, to say the least, but they are worthy allies due to that they fight and stand against the true enemies to free will. We NEED to ‘prove’ ourselves to them to show we are worthy, but they need to know that the different sovereign nations, empires, corporations, and states are to be left to our own devices…”

Dante looks into the camera with a stern look and continues on, “Zorya Triglav… Listen to me when I say this… I am your ally though I may not agree with all of what you’re doing, but I say the enemy of my enemy is my friend and for more reasons than that, of course. I have a distaste for those who break the ‘one body, one mind’ law, and may they pay for their crimes. I am a man of words and not of confrontation unless if I need be, but you have my words and my guns unless your conquest harms the baseliners within the Intaki sovereignty and Syndicate.”

Dante paused dor a moment as though thinking about his next words then he continues to say, “Remember Zorya: Yudhadal tayam cahet ne’kitayam, pacant yadhadal ahm cahet ne’Intaki…” With that being said, the line was cut to black in a blink after he looks into camera with a stern and blank look upon his face.

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