Incorporating Faction Warfare into ESS raiding

I think that since the environment is a serious one, to say the least, that ESS raiding needs to be incorporated into Faction Warfare.

How the two environments would be incorporated would be simple. After running no less than 100, elite level faction war missions, a special mission would be offered that would allow the faction war officer the chance to win an ESS Key for a random location in Null where the key could then be used to open the ESS and obtain mass ISK. ISK that could then be rolled back into the officer’s faction war efforts.

On top of the criteria of running 100, elite Faction War mission sites, the faction war officer would have to fulfil the following criteria, before even considering a run at the 100, elite faction war sites.

  1. Capture any number of enemy sites totaling 1 million LP. The officer could then purchase a special, Charter Note, from the LP store that would be turned into a special agent, in a secure location, who would then grant access to the 100 elite mission site arcs. Missions would then be completed by the officer with the very last mission rewarding either a 15-, or 45-minute ESS Key.

  2. The officer must obtain the rank of the lowest general in order to access the elite mission sites.

  3. Officer must have been part of their faction war militia for no less than three months, consecutively.

  4. Only Tier II, Aegis Commander for example, and above are permitted to join the FC while running elite faction warfare mission sites as well as the ESS site.

  5. All officers in the fleet must have at least 7.00 standings with the militia faction, in order to join an elite mission or ESS fleet.

  6. Mission Fleets could be no more than ten ships and would not allow any ships smaller than cruisers to join. ESS Site Fleets would either be Strategic Cruisers or Faction Strategic Cruisers, only.

The goal of this type of event is to create team building within the factions, promote Strategic Cruiser training to be able to fly the Strategic Cruiser for use in Null, ESS Sites, along with training the elite fleets in the use of Jump Filaments and Triglavian Filaments to Skipjack from High to Triglavian Space and then into Null and vice versus, as well as using filaments to jump around Null Sec.

Faction Strategic Cruiser - the FSC is specialized strategic cruiser that only pilots within a faction war militia are able to fly, once certain criteria have been met.

Criteria to fly a FSC

  1. Must have 6.50 standings with faction war militia.
  2. Must be active in faction war militia, just needs to be in the militia, does not have actively engage in plexin or missions.
  3. Must be able to fly any of the four Strategic Cruisers on the market.
  4. Must be at least a Tier II, Aegis Commander for example, ranked commander.
  5. Must have a total of 2 million LP for said faction militia when purchasing FSC from LP store.

An example of the base attributes for a Gallente Faction War, Casúr Seomra, Room Hammer Strategic Cruiser would be:

Shield HP: 1,800
Armor HP : 3,000
Structure HP: 2,500
Capacity: 350 m3
Mass: 14,300,000 kg
Volume : 120,000 m3 (5,500 m3 pkg.)
Inertia Mod: 0.60 x
Subsystem Hold Cap : 120 m3 (cannot use non-FSC subsystems, must be FSC subsystems)
Shield Resistance : 25/30/60/45
Armor Resistance : 45/53/65/20
Hull Resistance : 25/25/25/25

Cap Warfare Resistance : 5%
Stasis Web Resistance : 5%
Weapon Disruption Resistance : 5%

Capacitor Cap : 1600 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Time : 5.50 minutes

Max Targeting Range : 65 k
Max Locked targets : 5
Sig Radius : 215 m
Scan Res : 200 mm
Sensor Strength: Magnetometric 22 points
Max Velocity : 150 m/sec
Ship Warp Speed : 3.75 AU/s

Falloff : 5%
Optimal Range : 5%
Tracking Speed : 5%
Rate of Fire : 5%
Damage Modifier : 5%

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