Creating Content - ESS Raid

To create arcing content in New Eden, a Capsuleer must be able to introduce factors into an event already taking place. An event that benefits chosen party in , random outcome that no one is certain of. New opportunities.

Being part of the FDU faction warfare militia, a number of us from FDU bridged from the staging system into Old Man Star and waited. Then Hell broke loose when Snuffed Out started bringing in their Faux, Dreads and Battleship’s. Attacking in a fleet of TFI’s the fleet destroyed many Snuffed Out, I was on 23 such kills myself. The battle last maybe an hour and then all warped out. Fraternity was there to defend itself by catching Snuffed Out in the open. Fraternity is the number one target of Snuffed Out. Needless to say Snuffed Out is the top Low Sec pirate corporation in New Eden.

Wanting to help Fraternity as well as getting away from the faction war zone for a while, I built a Proteus that was fast, had some teeth and was able to get through Deep Null as a cloaked raider on a mission. Find ESS, raid them and donate a portion to Fraternity in their war against Snuffed Out.

Leaving the station in Dodixie, I warp to a planet at 100km and use the filament. I rat the belts while looking for Front Bank ESS. Running low on ammo, I filament out of Null and into Trig space. While waiting for the cool down timer to jump again ticked away inside my cloaked Proteus, I wondered, how much are the ESS keys. Discovering ESS keys were relatively cheap at Jita, I set course to Jita and made the last jump to HS. Emerging in a system that was five jumps from Jita, I said why not? Getting in my pod, I travel to Jita. At Jita I buy a Condor, fit with cargo modules and rigs, load it up with as much ammo as I could + the ESS Key I had purchased. I then return the solar system where I left my Proteus, load the ammo and ESS into the Proteus and then back out in space. Before jumping again, I travel to Uedama to see if Aiko Danuja or other gankers were out and about. I wanted to say HI. Imagine my dismay when not a single ganker was in Uedama. Dropping a jetcan, I dock up, undock and the warp to the jet can, set the name as something to aggravate Akio, dock up, ship over to the Proteus and proceed to make the next jump into Null. But before doing so, I post 'Tell Aiko Danuja, Dryson was here."

Jumping around in Null scouting for large Rear Bank ESS payouts, I come across two 300 mil, one 189 mil and several lower amount ESS beacons. Then I find the 650+ plus ESS Rear Bank in FR46-E. Connecting to the ESS using my ESS key, I slowly begin to drain the ESS. One local comes in and hangs around for a little while. The exhilaration of mashing short range scan watching for the ship to land. Do you engage or do you run all the while draining the ESS. The first guy passes. I get to around 89 mil ISK left in the bank and local starts to populate, five total, who were obviously there to take back their ISK. Draining the last of the iSK from the bank, I AB out of the bubble, cloak/warp to a planet, presumably they must have been jumping into the site just as I warped away.

Having heisted 652 million isk in SCC Bounties, I decide to leave Null. Before jumping into Trig space where I sit, cloaked for the next 15 minutes under cool-down, I post “Thanks’ for the 652 mil in SCC Bounties. A portion of it will be donated to Fraternity to help fund its war against Snuffed Out.” then jumped.
Returning to HS I notice the closest Concord station is in Yashuen, Caldari, high sec. I exchange the SCC Bounties for a total haul of 601 mil ISK. On the way back to the FDU side of the faction war, I sent 210 mil ISK to the leader of Fraternity. I broke even, but Fraternity got 210 mil ISK for their fight against Snuffed Out. Thus, new opportunities, Titan level opportunities.

What stems from the scenario that I created, is random, but the ball has been set in motion for something to happen. Thus, creating content.

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I’m sure 210 mil ISK will create Titan level opportunities for Fraternity.

Why on Gods green earth do you think Frat would need or even notice 210 million? Why don’t you keep it and fight Snuff yourself? Do you really think that it’s lack of isk that stops Frat from beating them? Really?

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It’s because he really, really, really wants people to know that he will have a very prestigious Titan chevron next to his name on the monument. He manages to bring it up in every…single…post.

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No, because I thought it was fun. Its always those who are regulated to scripted fun and never fun for themselves, who say, ’ why would you do that?’

What content in game have you created Local Chat Tissue Box?

You have been in this game for around three years, Go rest your neck on your CEO’s shoulder.

Super good comeback, consider me well and truly chastised. Guys, guys, @DrysonBennington has played this game a super long time! Did everyone realize that? So many years now, much experience.

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Gerard Amatin is one these rare guys who constantly answers noob questions in the new players Q/A section, providing them detailed and valuable answers, with patience and pedagogy.
I think that doing that he has created more “content in game” than you, Dryson

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