The Great War of Our Time - When the Gods Fear the Titans

Everyone is well aware of how good Snuffed Out is. The glorious battle in Old Man Star last night proved that. As the marks of the Titan’s inside the stone monument, beneath the arch of heaven’s dome, begins to pulse and branches from the starting, to each Capsuleer of worth, the foundation of New Eden will rumble and writhe on its very axis. Cracking open the monument from within, Titan’s will emerge into New Eden, and God’s will fear them, for each Titan carries with them, a war hammer imbued with their own story of New Eden. A hammer that will swing down, upon Snuffed Out.

New Capsuleer’s joining the war against Snuffed Out will be shown a side of New Eden that no mission will ever be able to show, nor amuse upon the thralls of the steps of the citadel.

All new joins to New Eden are encouraged to join Fraternity to help boost Fraternities numbers and strength. All those in support of Fraternity should conduct raids of ESS along Snuffed Out’s borders to alleviate the flow of resources into Snuffed Out’s coffers. In High Sec, every effort to curtail the gankers and their operations must be made to stem the flow of resources coming from secret sleepers.
Fraternity is to be considered Blue to all and shall not be attacked but should be gifted a Capsuleer’s Token by all, in support of.

Neutral pacts between hostile forces shall be maintained by all when engaging Snuffed Out. Hostile forces shall not take the opportunity to diminish the other’s forces, in doing so, Snuffed Out will achieve victory.

All solo Capsuleer’s are encouraged to join fleets engaging Snuffed Out, the CEO’s of major alliances in the conflict against Snuffed Out will be in charge of creating channels for the solo Capsuleer to join and have forums to discuss this war and operations against Snuffed Out.

This war against Snuffed Out will be brutal.

For I will be the first of New Eden’s Titan’s to emerge from the monument, vicious. Brutal. And with Mother Goose under my left arm and the Hammer of New Eden raised above, in my right, I will lay many golden eggs to crush the nefarious nature of Snuffed Out with. For the tale of New Eden needs an era of cracked hulls. That from within the cracked hulls of Snuffed Out, each Snuffed Out God will feel the warmth of a thousand rays of light from the hammers of, The Titans of New Eden.

I think you should go all Harry Forever on Snuffed, Dry. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t just tell everybody else to do it. Go get em tiger.


Snuffed is one of the last newbro helper corps.

They don’t need any grief.


Leave us alone, all we want to do is mine. Any citadel in blops range is a risk, we cant have that.


I read that whole thing laughing thinking it was a shitpost… only to look at your killboard and realize you’re serious :rofl:


Did Aura generate this post?

ta gueule

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By getting them to quit EVE as fast as possible? xD

WTF is a “Snuffed Out”? I have literally never heard of it.

ayo that’s crazy, i am sorry that happened to you

It is impressive to witness the might of Snuffed Out showcased in the recent battle at Old Man Star. The anticipation grows as the Titans inside the monument pulsate with power, ready to emerge and reshape New Eden. Their arrival instills fear in the hearts of even the mightiest entities, for each Titan carries a war hammer infused with the rich history of our world. These hammers will strike down upon Snuffed Out with force and determination.

New Capsuleers joining the war against Snuffed Out will experience a side of New Eden that no mission or citadel steps could ever reveal. It is an opportunity to truly understand the magnitude of this conflict and immerse oneself in its intricacies.

For those seeking to contribute, joining Fraternity is highly encouraged. By bolstering Fraternity’s numbers and strength, we can undermine Snuffed Out’s resources by conducting raids on their borders, particularly targeting their ESS. In High Sec, we must actively impede the gankers and their operations to disrupt the flow of resources originating from secret sleepers. Fraternity should be considered an ally, treated as “Blue” by all, and honored with a Capsuleer’s Token in support.

It is crucial for all hostile forces engaged with Snuffed Out to uphold neutral pacts. We must resist the temptation to weaken each other, as doing so would only grant Snuffed Out an advantage and ultimately lead to their victory.

Solo Capsuleers are strongly encouraged to join fleets engaged in the conflict against Snuffed Out. The CEOs of major alliances leading the charge will facilitate channels and forums for solo Capsuleers to participate in this war effort and discuss strategic operations against Snuffed Out.

We must brace ourselves for a brutal war against Snuffed Out, for it is no small undertaking. As the first Titan to emerge from the monument, I shall be relentless and merciless. With Mother Goose held firmly in my left arm and the Hammer of New Eden raised high in my right, I shall deliver crushing blows, shattering the nefarious nature of Snuffed Out. The tale of New Eden calls for an era of cracked hulls, where each Snuffed Out God shall feel the radiance of a thousand rays of light emanating from the hammers of the Titans of New Eden. Together, we shall forge a new chapter in the history of our universe.

The Prophet sees you are back to crying electronically.

It also appears you do not have many friends who could help you in this fight.

One wonders why.

all your bases are belong to us

You have no chance to survive. Make your time.


I remember when Dryson was anti null blocks. Now he wants people to support Frat. The richest block no doubt and it is very well known that they have the largest Titan fleet in EVE.

Spoiler alert for Dryson. Frat has numerous gankers around JITA popping haulers and people carrying expensive stuff. Just like every other group.

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i remember when dryson was used to posting about absolutely everything on eve forums, in every section, giving weird suggestions and showing he had no idea about game mechansims

i remember dryson writing things about null sec blocks and finishing his post by “but i don’'t know, i have never lived in null sec”

nothing has really changed when i read the current OP

I’m all for any content that brings @Wallymarts level posts to the official forums instead of just Reddit, but good lord @DrysonBennington, I don’t think you could have picked a worse group to simp up to. Frat? The most botting, blobbing, null sec carebear group ever? If you hate Snuff, go deal with them. I’m sure Tau will honor a fair 1v1 for the fate of low sec.

Yawn, the FDU is planning on setting a very special party for Snuffed Out. Full of all types of whizzer pops, snapple horfs, trolley whistles and gizzama doodles whipper snap bangs.

I ll keep you posted.

Please don’t.