Increase bounty from 20 %to 50%

campers and gankers do not fear anybody and get to roam free and kill all.

…and changing the bounty would do absolutely nothing…


change it to 100% and this still wouldn’t change anything

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No, they would commit insurace fraud and make isk if it was 100%.

You don’t get paid your own bounty when your ship blows up…

Shoot yourself with an alt.

That has nothing to do with insurance fraud, however…you are making my point, like I said changing this would not affect the original posters issue at all.

Changing the bounty mechanics will do nothing to prevent people from camping and ganking.

What would changing bounties do to either of these?

Why don’t you also “roam free” and kill all of the campers and gankers?

I like the way Star Citizen conceptualizes punishing one-game criminal behavior. Have a space jail.

Bounties are good, but the rewards could be diverted for the benefit of the criminal.

What they should do is freeze the ISK account for a determined period based on the crime, or forfeit an ISK-value of assets. They could really fix this if they wanted to.

As it stands now, there is no real punishment for griefing. To be clear, I’m not talking about PVP between braulers. I’m talking about consequences for characters who commit crimes according to New Eden’s laws.

Except you lose your ship(s) and take a hit to your standings plus are flagged for up to 15 minutes…

I think what you mean is that you don’t feel there is enough punishment…

Where can I find these New Eden laws?

The fisrt law is no human may post on the forums in a whining manner

They aren’t called “New Eden laws” and I couldn’t find a site that lists them out cleanly, but I believe the comment is referring to this:


You show no sign of consideration for your fellow players and should be punished based on how you would punish others. “Jail” is a harsh form of punishment, discouraging anyone from doing anything that puts one there. It’s a “token” the developers throw out there to disguise their pseudo MMO as “emergent”. They know very well that only a fraction of a fraction of people are ever going to do anything that puts them there, because being forced to “not play the game” because of “things done allowed by the rules” is beyond silly.

Stop being ridiculous. It’s a game and they play it by the rules. It’s not your fantasy world filled with actually bad people even though you likely believe they are actually bad people. It’s a game. It’s a dystopia. Please go outside, talk to real people and generally “get a life”. It might lead you back to reality, out of this fantasy world you seem to be living in.

Eve is quite lawless anyways and concord do little to protect players. They literally sell permits to allow players to shoot one another in high security space where they won’t even defend you from NPCs nor repel their borders when high sec space is invaded by NPCs either. Working up your standings again is like doing community service to make sure your within your limits for murdering people openly before police start to take your presence seriously.

There is a reason that every organization is just a corporation or conglomerate of corporations.

It’s all just business in Eve online, no law, no morality…

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