Are bounties ever coming back?

This was about the only way to get back at gankers and attackers, for us miners

Is it ever coming back?

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You should really save your money. The bounty system is broken, so it ends up being more of a badge of honor than a punishment.


The bounty system is utterly broken and pretty much always has been.
in a game where you can have alts, and friends, putting an ISK1b bounty on someone is effectively giving that person ISK1b.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Is there an alternative way to it then?

What do you mean, an alternative way to do bounties, or an alternative way to get back at people?

Ways to fix the bounty system and make bounty hunting a viable profession have been discussed to death (do a forum search if you want). However, suggestions tend to get ripped to shreds by people pointing out abuses and loopholes. And quite frankly, I’m not sure that this is a solvable problem that we can keep hammering a way until we find a solution. The main problem is that players can’t die (and we’re not going to put them in jail/timeout). Thus, not only can they find ways to clear bounties with relative ease, but, depending on the system, they can actually profit from bounties (this has actually happened in Eve). Now, I have heard suggestions that were technically better than the current system, but they still had major problems. I know, perfection is the enemy of good. But I wouldn’t exactly call any of the suggested systems good… more like, less awful.

As for getting back at gankers, check out anti-ganking (i.e. warn potential targets, kill their suicide points, haulers, or ganking ships, steal the loot). It will require some effort on your part, but it has the potential to annoy gankers a lot more than an inconsequential bounty, and who knows, you might even have fun.

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someone with bounty dies. 10M is removed from his bounty(his ship cost was 40M), he takes a (fixed) -33% damage to capsuleers until he destroys 10M in value.

edit : I’m acutally answering to your “no jail” part. I don’t think bounty system is needed, useful or whatever.

ARE them gone? lol didn’t realize that… so think they aren’t important and don’t make a diff to gameplay until they find a way that it works and is not abusable


Gankers should have to face more risk. They should lose NPC docking right a the use of NPC jump gates after a gank and until they are positive security standings. Only in EVE does crime pay with no punishment what so ever.


Right, no punishment at all…

Except for guaranteed ship loss…

And loss of security status…

and kill rights…

and possible perma-flashy status.

But aside from all of that, gankers suffer no punishment for their crimes.

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oh, here we go again. There is already a mile long post about this, just add your 2 pence.

Those are not punishment.
Punishment is supposed to prevent you from doing crime again, so that you need to think if the gain is worth losing your whole life.

Real punishment would be to prevent people from entering HS again instead of being chased by evadable NPCs.
Punishment would incur a cost in proportion to the value destroyed. This does not need to be an ISK cost, it can be a time cost. Typically ratting in LS to get access to HS again. Too bad the tags made the ss a trivial ISK matter.

When the gankers need to farm as much as the prey they attack, then yes it becomes a punishment. Before that it’s just an operating cost.

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You plan on the loss of the ship with no fear at all of the loss. You fear the loss of that ship like everyone else fears the loss of the bullets they fire from their rail guns. You don’t fear concord, tell me you fear concord with out laughing, and most miners don’t have the skill set to do anything about those kill rights. Low security standing is about as risky as being beat with a wet noodle. Don’t worry you can adapt and change just like the miners and ratters had to adapt and change. Gankers need new risk. I bet you would fear not being able to doc at a NPC station, the loss of tethering to a player owned station or the loss of using a jump gate. These new risks should only apply in high sec.

nope, as long as they can use an orca to board the catalysts it’s not required.

It’s structure, not station. And, same as above.

Only issue for them.

Actually, deterrence is but one goal of punishment. The others include incapacitation, restoration, rehabilitation, and retribution.

Anyway, what happens to gankers meets the definition of punishment, and achieves two goals of punishment ideology. Now, we can probably all agree that their punishment is retributive in nature, but I also strongly assert that it functions as a deterrence as well. After all, guaranteed ship loss is the reason why those who use best practices to avoid ganks can effectively negate them as a danger. So, just because the punishment can’t deter all crime, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deter any crime.

In short, you can argue that the punishment should be harsher, but it’s still definitely punishment, and it still deters crime.

And, of course, punishment for ganking shouldn’t be made any harsher. Balance is already so much in favor of prey, that tipping the scales further will just allow people to do stupid ■■■■ without getting punished for it. Like I said before, you can effectively negate ganking as threat with relatively little knowledge. So, I just don’t understand why so many people keep insisting that ganking still needs further balance in favor of prey.

no it’s not punishment.

It’s a tax.

Go roam with friends. You lose your ship often enough to consider it consistent, sometimes you don’t even have a kill, you can get hotdropped, sometimes you spend 1H traveling to find nothing and die in the end.
And you need to remain active all the time because a single mistake makes you apart from your friends, that is dead.
Also cry me a river about 15min without boarding a ship. When you are killed roaming sometimes you just can’t come back because you are killed on the way.

Are you saying that roaming is a punishment ? The cost is almost always higher than for ganking, both in isk, in time, in activity requirement. The gain is always lower than for ganking, especially considering you may not find anything or get killed after killing something. If concord meets the definition of punishment, then what happens with roaming meets the definition of punishment even more.

(Of course since you are never protected by concord when roaming the ss penalty from gankers is a complete nonsense)

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You need new risk just like all other career paths got. You AFK gankers and BOT gankers are out of control. Time to turn of that never ending river of risk free ISK, you gankers are always bragging about, off. Gankers are the most toxic people in EVE and are the number one reason new players walk away from the game. You will just have to adapt or rage quit, if you rage quit can I have your stuff?

In my experience, gankers are the friendliest people in the game, and the most likely to help new players. Most noobs leave because they are bored out of their mind, and gankers are generally the only PvPers that a new player will encounter.

That’s 100% player controlled already.

Stop carrying stuff that gives them a profit, in stupid, easy to gank ways.

Then, the never-ending river of ISK will be gone.

As usual, players already have all of the capability to impact the profit of gankers, but whiners always ask CCP to do it for them instead.

The risk vs reward are out of balance and need to be fixed. Gankers are always bragging about all the isk they stole and lets face it. CCP will never get the EVE ECHO kids to come play in the big sandbox with the toxic gankers. Do worry, you can adapt to change.