Are bounties ever coming back?

We don’t need the echoes kids here. They prob don’t have PC’s anyway.

I thought people came on the forum to make their own echoes chamber ?

I’m talking about the game. We don’t need them here

The correct term is “echo chamber”, without the plural.

EVE ECHOES!!! We don’t need them here. Are you being dense this morning on purpose???

Precisely. See the wiki link I gave.

Sure. So if players stopped being profitable to gang then the reward changes.

If players made themselves harder to successfully gang, then the success rate would drop and cost v reward would change.

As I wrote, players can already 100% influence what you are whining about.

But players stopping being profitable only means stopping to play.
Cost of noobship is 0. gankers will end up grouping 1k noobships to gank JFs.

Are you to dumb to understand new risk?

That’s far from the truth. I cart large value cargo all the time without issue.

I’m just not a weak imbicile that thinks all my challenges are for other people (CCP in this case) to solve.

You are playing a game. Nothing of any real value is at risk, but everything you need to be able to make ganking not profitable is already in game.

The whole “make ganking more risky” is really about ultimately decreasing the risk for you. Go do it yourself.

You are stuck on old risk, we are talking about new risk. Time for some new risk just like the ratters and miners got. you can adapt to the change or rage quit, if you rage quit can I have your stuff?

Don’t gankers work in the same area of space as the miners and ratters?

So aren’t the same NPCs already there also?

So they already have that same exposure to risk - they just do a better job of managing it so it doesn’t impact them.

When you don’t use the already available ways to make ganking less profitable, why should CCP even consider coming to assist you more?

New risk means new things to challenge yea. You all need some new nerfs, it is the way of CCP new risk plan.

Unrelated. If people want to play in a world where players don’t carry isk to pay the gankers, then they can still gank using noobships and 100s of alts.
That’s what the game amounts to. Your personal anecdotal experience does not invalidate that analyzis.

Your analysis is just wrong and my anecdotal evidence is very relevant, because it proves that “stopping to play” isn’t the only way to stop ganking being profitable. That’s just a cowards way.

There are many ways to stop ganking being profitable while still playing the game.

That’s what you wrote:

That is just complete ■■■■■■■■. Not unexpected, but still wrong.

You have not prevented ganking from being profitable. You are making a general case from your personal one, which is stupid. That’s called a generalization fallacy.

In a race, you just need to go faster enough to make the race valuable for you. So if everybody goes faster, then everybody gets more value ?
That’s the same level of stupidity that you just showed again.

Just because you can’t understand the logic behind it does not mean it’s wrong. It just means you can’t understand the logic.

Which was not really unexpected, seeing as you are not able to read the swagger saying the API is delayed 60s on the fleet path and even making a video saying it’s not - while it literally is ; then doing out of context quote on purpose while told several time it was the case, and thus defamation by false attribution, just to avoid facing the reality that your claims were complete ■■■■. Basically an dishonest hypocritical liar.

So yes, your own personal experience is not enough to make a general statement. Doing so is stupid, and that’s exactly what I was pointing out. Whatever the whole group of players do in order to be less interesting to gank, in the end they will still be interesting to gank by squads with hundreds of noobships.

People already gank empty freighters with cats. Claiming there is things to do to be less profitable is just complete BS. When you can be killed piloting an empty freighter, that means the only thing you can do to sensure safety is to not play.

The real question is: can you get revenge against players for griefing you? Most MMO’s don’t allow griefing. (But also most MMO’s don’t even last half a decade.)

If they’re not part of a corporation, or you can’t figure out what corporation (their main is) in, then there simply is no way.

If you figure it out, just take a stealthy ship out into Null where they have their mining operation. Enter the system, stealth up, and sit there all day until shut down.

You can always grief back if you can figure out who they are. Everybody who is anybody has a null sec operation.

Once you’ve learnt a bit about PVP, you can join whatever alliance they are at war with or rivals of.

Or make a donation to that alliance.