Increase volume of warning sound for shield/armor/hull and low Cap

(Shrek) #1

Is there any way to increase volume of warning sound for shield/armor/hull and low Cap
or change the sound.

It’s a very important sound in the game, and if you hearing is damaged … There must be something I can do !!!

  • Shrek

(Netan MalDoran) #2

ESC->Settings->Audio->Advanced Audio Settings->Warning Sounds

(Shrek) #3

Yes have set it to max - But I would like even more volume.
I could turn the volume of the other advanced down and increase my systems overall volume, but
I hoped for another way to do this, as well as changing the warning sound into something i can hear better.

(Trevor Dalech) #4

This is what you have to do.

I’m guessing your hearing is impaired especially in the higher pitches? it’s a quite shrill and loud sound for me, while I have trouble hearing the low “thump” of ships landing on grid (also important!) In fact… it took my corpmates quite a while to convince me that sound even existed.

(Boldly Gone) #5

I’d also prefer a proper yellow and red alert sound :postal_horn: :slight_smile:
But ok, after a while I got used to the faint sounds, they are ok and prevent from getting too far away off screen, so it’s anti AFK tactics…

(system) #6

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