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So I’ve started a new job, one that lets me be logged into eve while working, but is involved enough that I can’t do anything terribly complicated in game. so project discovery has been taking up a lot of my downtime. (can only .01 isk so much)

Couple things that i’ve noticed, the payouts are abysmal, especially compared to the old project discovery, now i’m not opposed to lower payouts in general, I mean I’m not expecting even VNI ratting ticks or anything. but a side effect of the low payout means that the primary motivator is getting that next loot box.

Ive found that the fastest way to do that, (and as a side effect slightly increase the ticks) is to just hit no transit on every single sample that isn’t obviously an analysis one. yes that means failing some of the analysis, but because the hits seem to be weighted more heavily than the misses, a handful of failures here and there doesn’t majorly impact overall accuracy.

seeing the very low submission % on most samples, even ones that have very obvious transits, leads me to believe that this is the tactic used by the majority. which does absolutely nothing to actually help the end goal of the project.

My suggestion, leave analysis samples untouched, they are fine as is, but add a multiplier to consensus slides that will increase either the isk payout, or the xp gained (or hell, even both) based on 2 factors, the % of people who submitted an analysis for that slide, and how your own submission averages against everyone elses.

so if we take isk for example, instead of just being accuracy% as it is now, it would be %accuracy + %who marked transits + average of how your marked transits lined up with the consensus results in percent. the last one is to help mitigate people trying to game the system by just randomly marking a transit on every sample. this is all information that already gets tracked so it shouldn’t be too hard to implement.
(an exact example with numbers from my most recent sample.)
97.2% + 19.4% marked + 12.5% marked same transit i did.
current payout is 98,000 isk.
new system payout would be 129,000 isk not a huge increase, but still an increase.

personally I would actually rather see something like this applied to the XP gain per submission, since the rate of lvl increase is glacier slow if you don’t just speed through every slide. and it would be balanced out by people needing to slow down and actually pay some attention.
in this case the change would be from.
88xp now
116xp under the new system.

The increases aren’t huge, and they aren’t intended to be, at least not with the current participation levels. and while I don’t think this is going to get anyone to suddenly start doing PD, but it might get some people who only do it casually to start taking it more seriously and giving more accurate results. and may even bring back some people who tried it out, but got turned off by the glacial pace.

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