Project discovery is a new job in eve

I’ve been diving in project discovery and earn quite abit of isk.
So i wonder if project discovery can be a new isk making menthod of the game or just for entertain???

Define “quite a bit of isk”…


This project will probably have a bit more longevity than the previous one, there could be new data to analyze if we are good at it. As for the rewards, they are not the thing I ever considered doing these planet searches for.

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If you’re happy with the amount of ISK you get from Project Discovery, and you enjoy doing it, then keep at it. There are some very nice rewards once you reach the high ranks.

The latter rewards are pretty sweet, however, I think it’s more efficient to do other grindy activities, such as ratting, and use the ISK from that to just buy the rewards on the market.

Around 1-2mil isk per hour

You can make more than that mining in a Venture for 15 minutes…

Keep at it and get your accuracy up, and it will improve. I have 99% accuracy and can get about 1.5 million per tick. So, yes- between that and the rewards, it can be profitable.

And you’re helping science! :slight_smile:

Yes i know
I could make 20mil/hour with venture gas mining
But discovery look intersting

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Total noob question how do you improve your success rate?
Is it based on Exp lvl . just keep scanning? minimize the time frame ?
Be honest im kinda lost

I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking, but I’ll see if I can help.

If you are asking how you improve your accuracy percentage, that is based on how many correct vs. incorrect scans you make. Exp level doesn’t make a difference, that is purely based on right and wrong scans.

If you as asking how you get better at spotting signatures and identifying them, thats a bit trickier. Here, it’s all about spotting the patterns. Look for the “v” shape that indicates a signature as opposed to a single, deep dip with no transition on either side that is probably a measurement anomaly. If you fail a scan, make sure to look at the result to see what the pattern that you missed looks like. Over time, you will get a better sense of what these look like and be able to spot them a bit easier.

One other tip is to not kill yourself looking for things that aren’t there. If you have a sample that has extremely erratic shapes with no patterns or something that appears to have no dips at all, simple click “No Transits Found”- odds are you are right. There are a couple of exceptions- some that are deeply hidden or hard to spot (there are a couple that I get that I have literally never gotten right).

There are some videos out there of people working through samples. Take a look at some of those to see how others are working through the samples and how they use the tools.

Hope that helps.

Max 16M ISK/per mins hour

Here’s my ‘50 cents’ as an answer. A kind of old topic

A Simple Exoplanets Project Discovery Guide

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You can supplement your income by doing this AND mining.

I do both
And got blew up by a stealth bomber in WH

It’s a good way to make isk while you’re doing something else. I can make about 60m an hour doing it if I push really hard. The skins used to sell for something now you have to pull a T3C or Capital Class skin for it to be worth anything and even they are going down.
The one shot BPC can be worth something, especially the Marshal.
I do it for the science, the ISK is a bonus.
Not that I wouldn’t mind some higher level prizes :wink:

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