Project discovery slow reward gains?

hey all,

I have been doing project discovery for a bit now and have gotten to rank 25 after about a week doing it at various times i wasnt busy. I’m going for the concord ship bps but calculated out that it takes me about 12-15 mins per rank up when devoting all time to it. That means to get the first bp i need to spend around 6 hours purely doing discovery? isnt that kind of excessive considering there are like 250 ranks so like 62 hours of this boring mini game to get everything? who has that kind of time or patience? or am i doing something wrong here?

Lol theres a few guys that are lvl 500 and going, its insane


True, but then again, EVE is a game where gains take long in general. In my opinion, the principle is comparable to skill training in EVE; you have to keep at it for quite a long time to make progress.