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I need to ask people who grinned to rank 500 or over in project discovery how long did it take you and how many hours a day did you spend with it i´m rely interested in the Marshal but man even by eve standards this feel slow and painfull. Would it be faster to farm 40bill and buy one ?

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Even faster to buy plex from store and then buy one, should take you about 3-4 minutes.

true but the price I seen them go for as a family it´s not worth paying a few 100 bucks for a ship that would be ganked as soon as I undocked but yeah Im afraid it will take to long to even feel worth it I don´t mind the time it take to train towards a Titan becuse I can do that even when not playing but the amount of time I feel it would take to reach rank 500 nah I won´t do it sadly it´s a cool ship but nah not worth the pain.

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The price will come down. Simply supply and demand.

It’ll take a while as there are lots of rich fucks out there who are fine with dropping the isk on it, but eventually the price will drop as they all get theirs and other people start putting theirs on the market.

Plus, fingers crossed, Fanfest in Iceland will add a substantial number of them to the market (hey I can hope, right?)

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Lets hope your right but still selling one now for 30-40bill I would not say no to it. damn with that isk I could buy a few skill injectors to get t2 cruiser missiles for my Typhoon a bit faster hehe. But yeah rank 500 on project discovery seams like the most boring thing on the universe maybe if we got 100-200 exp per finished time so it would not take forever to get to rank 500 it would be more fun but right now project discovery feels more like a job than fun so I quit doing it.

LOL I do Project Discovery when I am mining on my alt… or salvaging a mission field.

I honestly dont even want the Marshall… I dont like Battleships or bigger. I really dont like anything slow.

I would wan´t it becuse I could make allot of isk on it or I would wan´t to to keep it im a bit of a collector in mmos. I like cool armors in mmorpgs and in eve I like to collect ships.


I believe in function over form. I keep what I use, the rest is sold. So if it is the case of this Marshall, I would sell it. I dont plan on using it because it is to expensive, to slow, and just not a very good ship for my style.

I like ships that can kind of do what ever, whenever I need them to. Which is why I use Minmatar ships A LOT.

I totaly understand you but I always been like that even with I play Skyrim I collect all armors from the worst to best and desplay them on armor stand just for my self not sure where it comes from but I use them same in eve I collect ships I like the design of but when I play like doing missions and such I pick ships with function over locks and I love Minmatar just got my alt to fly Tyhpoon and I love it.

You are a collector, there is nothing wrong with that. I am not. My GF she is like you. She hordes everything she finds in game for no other reason than to say, she has it.

But I will say 20-40bill right now would be better than to keep the marshal. Just spent my last isk keep my account up. so To have a fat wallet would be nice but how boring project discovery is even 100bill would not be worth it.

Same here. I want the Marshal just because it’s a prestige item and looks awesome. I’ve always been like that in all games. If it looks cool, is glowy or flamey or drips poison or is just a rare item, I want it.

I am currently level 420 in Project Discovery and am trying to get at least 5 levels a day. So in a week or two I’ll hit 500 and get the BP. Then it’s just the small matter of the 56 days of training needed before I can actually fly the thing.

To answer your original question, a level is taking around 10 minutes at the moment. I did try counting exactly how many samples are needed per level at the weekend but I was undocked and had to react to something else happening and lost count. It’s somewhere around 30 - 40 per level (without the 10 bonus EXP samples).

It’s a lot of work and at higher levels PD is excrutiatingly slow and tedious with very few clean / easy samples but hey, it passes the time while on long trips in slow ships.

I simply want it in order to make use of it but price is kind of not worth it.

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