Project Discovery Minimum SP for Marshal

Hey guys, I’m currently doing Project Discovery and I’m aiming for the Marshal. What is the minimum skillpoints that you have which allowed you to reach level 500?

I’ve been doing Project Discovery and I noticed that there is a minimum sp needed to advance to certain levels. What amount of sp is needed to be able to obtain the Marshal? looking to hear from those who have obtained the Marshal already

And what pray tell are you going to with your station pinata?

Ten million.

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You have the Marshal already? at ten million sp?

I see, so just to confirm, I can set up a new account, plex it until it reaches 10 million sp, do Project Discovery, claim the marshal and then repeat as many times as I want?

Do you use them or just collect at this point? (just curious as they’re stupid expensive for a sub-capital)

If you have no life you can PLEX ten characters to 10M SP and and spend all day, every day leveling them up in PD. But you can’t reuse the same characters.

Also keep in mind you don’t get the Marshal. You get the Marshal blueprint. You have to build the ship.

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Thank you for the input

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Be aware you need some skills to use the marshall, too, or do you just want to sell them?
So you actually invest time for outcome, that’s OK, but don’t neglect the fun, it’s a game in the end.
Nice sunday morning read btw, the thread is tidy enough to understand the discussion.

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Keep in mind CCP said at fanfest they plan to start a new Project Discovery phase in 2024, possibly in the first quarter. When the new phase starts, all progress will be wiped and everyone will be starting from scratch again. If you are just starting Project Discovery, you probably do not have enough time left to get the Marshal in this phase, this phase has lasted around 3 years after all.

As for plexing an account for the sole purpose of getting a Marshal, it is most certainly not worth it as you can only get the special rewards including the Marshal once per character. It would be cheaper and better just to buy some plex and sell it for ISK and then buy the Marshal from the market.

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what I do with it is none of your business. Honestly people on this forum can be so toxic at times

Geez, I was just curious…

oh I see, my bad. Yes they’re stupid expensive, so most probably I will just sell them off once I have one

That’s why I was curious. You don’t see many of them flying around (possibly for that very reason).