Incursion Belt Rats

At present there are no Bounties on them. Put Bounties on them, and then let little Fleets of alphas chase them in cruisers. 0.7m a Frigate, 2m for the actual Raa Doo-dah or whatever it is called. They’re tanky Rats, and they do cock-up Alphas Mining, so make it worth the Alphas to hunt them.

All the fun of the Fare :slight_smile:

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There are deliberately no bounties on incursion rats as the rewards are on the sites, and you are meant to run the sites to kill the incursion.
If it’s messing with your mining, take a few jumps and mine one constellation over.

The belts used to BE sites with rats that were challenging, but not overpowering for a good frigate or destroyer. The pay was not very much, but it was very accessible. CCP deliberately changed it to what it is FROM something like what you are suggesting. I don’t think they want it that way for some reason.

This is not correct… you’re probably thinking of Scout Sites which were a different thing entirely. Belts have always been random rat spawns and generally marked “do not even” since Incursions were introduced. The only purpose to killing Incursion Belt Rats is repair sec status as they give a very nice increase.

I wish the NPCs would attack each other. Sat in a belts and watched the pirate rats ignore the NPC miners, ditto for the sansha rats. What’s up with that?
And don’t forget the drifters either…

In the staging system, the belts used to be “scout” sites. There were I believe 2 waves of frigates. But you’re partially right. I remember clearing the spawns in higher level systems and there was no payout from those. The belts in staging systems definitely used to be actual sites, though, that paid . . . 350 LP? And some ISK.

When incursions first came out we would shoot belt rats during breaks. They were never sites. The scout sites didn’t appear at belts as far as i remember.

Those weren’t in the belts, they’re their own site and they still exist. They’ve just been changed to be much harder and they’re generally considered to be not worth doing.

Maybe you should Google it or something. I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t show you my memory and you don’t believe what I’m saying, but if you’re saying the belts in the Staging system weren’t sites that paid out LP and ISK, you’re WRONG.

Maybe they’re not anymore. I haven’t checked the actual belts lately since they were vastly beefed up, but you used to be able to run Scout class incursion sites in a destroyer and some of them were THE ASTEROID BELTS.

what about the loots/salvage? alphas can easily raid those even if they don’t get bounties (be it participating in the actual incursion or not)

I haven’t tried salvaging Incursion rat wrecks in quite a while, but they WERE not worth salvaging. They’re not normal wrecks. They never contained any drops and yielded salvage at a different, MUCH lower rate than regular rat wrecks.
It was just not worth doing.

Upon some further poking around it seems you’re correct, the belts in the Staging System are one-off sites, though they’re far from being runnable in a Destroyer. Personally I wouldn’t touch those sites without at least a Marauder or a 3 man fleet.

Also just a tip your posts would read better if you left off the random emphasis caps. It makes them read in a very rant-y voice which I don’t think is your intention.

Generally speaking an entire site only nets about 20m in salvage and it can take quite a while to salvage a full site since bluing the wrecks is actively discouraged for server and client performance reasons and the wrecks are spread out over 50-150 km of space.

The way incursions pay out rewards is by a single lump-sum payment to the highest contributing fleet at the end of the site. The rats themselves have no loot or bounties and the salvage is lower than normal for a ship of that size and type.

It can still be worthwhile for a very new player but even an Alpha with decent Cruiser skills can find better ways to make money.

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