Question about incursions

I got a sancha incursion in odis. I usualy live in belts mining. My main question is: Do belt rats spawn in places like 09 and 1.0? I also would like to ask, Do they spawn at gates?

Edit: They do, I found out myself.

(from the eve uni wiki)
belt rats are replaced by incursion rats
I’ve never seen belt rats in a 0.9 and 1.0 - so in theory those can’t be replaced by incursion rats.

According to the same wiki page incursion rats only camp gates in null and lowsec.

I just figured out that they do spawn in 0.9-1.0 belts. I was testing out naga mining, then a cruiser and 2 frigates spawn out of nowhere. They were sansha rats.

Interesting. I’ve never heard or read anything about 0.9, let alone 1.0 belt rats. Are you certain they weren’t diamond rats from a nearby FOB ? And cruiser rats ?!

Yes. I’m sure, before I warped off, I looked at the name, no diamonds in front. If it was diamond, it would either be serpentis of guristas. The spawn was a singular sansha battlecruiser (no diamonds) and 2 sansha frigates (yet again, no diamonds)

If an incursion focus is active in the constellation, incursion rats will spawn in the belts and they are no joke in terms of damage dealt. They do not scram/disrupt you so you can simply warp away if you see them land. Starter systems and career agent constellations are not eligible for incursions, and the incursion itself is localized to the current constellation. You can simply move over to the nearest system out of the constellation, the rats do not go to or spawn on the stargates, only the belts.