Individual seeks a (probably) high sec corporation for moons. Incredibly strict corporation critera with in

Hi, I’m a person with 3 characters, possibly going to do 4 since skill farms are a thing. I usually mine in my own tiny fleet, I’d love to have some moons to mine in high sec along with good company. I don’t mind trying other things, but my preference is geological genocide in the belts or isotope liberation.

That being said, I’m getting tired of null sec shenangens and wanting to move onto something different, preferably in high sec . I assume every null sec recruiter is the same with claims to “relatively safe” null sec space and vibrantly active corporations, regardless of whether or not it’s true. CCP thinks cynosure fields and cloaky camping are a-ok and it’s just not fun to deal with, I’ve learned. Even worse is subpar leadership and their demands. If your leadership are spergs you can’t really say anything since your digital livelihood is based on said spergs when out in null. I like the freedom of HS, even if that means no 800,000m3 spod rocks to mine, it’s worth it to not be China during the mongols prime.

I think eve is a pretty awful game either way, but I don’t need to make it more awful by dealing with a high sec industrial corporation that thinks it’s a good idea to be war declaration eligible & believes it’s a solid solution to simply mine with an Orca + Exhumers on grid during a war declaration or stay docked up and not play the pay to play subscription based game we plex/pay money for. Sometimes(almost always) I really want to waste my life on eve online; to simply log in for an hour, make 20-30m isk and log out during wartime is not an option for me.

If my bitterness veiled in sarcasm with enough sincerity to seem true, relate-able, or ironic hasn’t pushed you away, cool.

Here is what I want from a corporation:

1: Have moons, 3-7 a week would be great, or at least some very large ones that last a day or two.

-if you have ice near by, that’s a pretty big plus; sadly, people with even less time/life then me love to multibox them even harder then I do though, but it’s a nice plus to have ice nearby.

2: Don’t be War-Dec elgible, if I’m going to deal with the constant threat of violence&hating eve online more then usual, I may as well go to null sec and make better isk and quit the game out there.

3: Have an Athanor with some rigs for reprocessing, as a turbo-krab I really think that 1% is important and HS compression is good too.

4: I assume you have a tax for your moon mining, I’ll pay 10%. Unless you’re some crazy that mines in low sec somehow with moons, that’d be interesting.

5: Speaking of low sec, I have no idea how larger-scale industrial operations can be possible without mass cooperation, but I’ve done some sneaky mining with cloak in some odd low sec systems before and really enjoyed it + made some “ok” isk. It’s a plus to me if your alliance or corporation is willing to try taking some of those risks – I’m not 100% risk averse, but pretty close. It’s not a deal breaker if you don’t try low sec/risky shenangens either.

6: I’m largely independent, but I don’t mind giving some boosts while I’m out mining and despite my first impression, I’m actually very social and would like some people to talk with on comms while committing the mass atrocities against the mineralogical-types.

An interesting thing is my lack of experience with things that aren’t largely industrial related, I’m willing to learn some pvp stuff but it usually needs a purpose greater then getting turbo ganked in low-sec by a larger fleet. Logi, interceptors, assault frigate stuff seems the most interesting to me for pvp but i haven’t had a chance to try it out.

yeah, guess you might want to know some stuff about me

24, 22, 20 million sp on my three characters. I have perfect mining director buffs on one, each can pilot a freighter, all 3 have exhumers/barges at 5 along with all the relevant skills for mining ore/ice. In an attempt to resist the turbo gankers I even have shield tank skills. Been playing the game off and on since 2013 or so? But I’ve been really active again for the past 2-3 months. Eve online is still pretty awful, but well, guess it’s ok – I’m pretty “Tsun” towards eve in general.

PM me or post here if you have questions or propositions. I’d love to find a place that fits my criteria without having a recruiters exaggerate their corporations greatness only to find a week later then we get war dec’d and our CEO stops being active.


You should check out Freedom Fighter Academy. It is a Highsec corporation for the Nullsec corp Federation of Freedom Fighters.

We will have numerous Athanors under the F-OFF banner that will allow you to freely mine without worry of a wardec. Our home system also has an Ice belt readily available.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Discord (Justin Starr STARR#8251) or in game. Also you can contact Gus Helgene in game for more info.


Honey this ain’t Burger King. For such low sp you do ask a whole lot, I’d bring it back a bit if you want anyone to take you seriously.

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my loss, see ya.

see ya on the flip side?

sry if burger king is too expensive for you
tho if you work there im pretty sure you get a discount on food
sure you already know that tho

10/10 response there bud.

i would love to see some of your wit
but you’re mad about a sassy looking for corporation post, so i assume you have none

thanks for the bumps, by the way

10/10, would sass again?

Hurstwic Heavy Industries in currently moon mining in HS. We don’t own any structures as toilet maintenance is the sh*ts and I can’t seem to get anyone to do it, even with the promise of free Veldspar.

We like to build things, mostly large, self-propelled space objects, so we’ll buy all ore off of you if you are looking for the ultimate endgame content (ISK), or would appreciate some payback to help us, erm, a “station owner” cover costs.

You would be a member of the corp, so while we don’t make any real demands (save pay us a tribute (belly rubs not required, though highly sought after), speak highly of leadership when asked, and other things that make us look important), we would like to see you in discord because the current FNG is eagerly awaiting to be the previous FNG.

PM me for discord info in interested. If not, good luck in your search.


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