Industrial Corp Looking for Miners and Industrialists

Infinite Improbable Industry Inc is Recruiting miners and industrialists.

  • Active alliance
  • Buy back program
  • Ships handed out for Corp ops
  • No SP requirements
  • Mining Fleets with boosts
  • Indusrial assets available

We are primaraly an Industrial Corp but our Alliance holds regular PvP roams and PvE ops
if you are interested Please contact me ingame Via Mail Kaylea Rose or Public channel 42Ind or out of game on Discord Gigabiten

bump for the day

What alliance are you apart of?

It looks like they were part of ‘The Iskian Empire’, but this is no longer the case. The OP is also no longer a member of the coropration, having joined another (That does belong to said alliance) about 4 days ago.

Look up information on arbitrary entities in game by typing their name, or a portion of it, highlighting the entry if it consists of multiple words, right clicking, and use the ‘auto link’ option of the type that corresponds to what you’re looking for. (Corporation if you’re looking for Infinite Improbable Industry Inc, or Character if you’re looking for Kaylea Rose, for example.)

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