Industrialist with numerous accounts looking for home non drones

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looking for low moon goo low pi low ratting tax

10 accounts 30 toons looking for home non drone lands please … have friend with another 10 accounts also looking for good home … he may follow … also have 2 other people who may follow let me know

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(Amanari Talar) #3

Hello mate,

we are recruiting for impass region. Pm me on Amunari Talar to talk.

(Kingkev4555 Solette) #4

We live in serpentis space and would be happy to have you, feel free to contact me in game or on our discord channel.

(Arrowspeeed Bounty) #5

We would love to talk with you about joining us!
Join our recruitment channel: Umbra-Domini_Public or talk with: Arrowspeeed Bounty, Skyler Mind, or Shiva Caldacan

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