Industry and Market UI suggestions


Starting blueprints either for manufacturing, research or starting reactions is still clunky and slow in the new UI.
First, you can’t select 10 blueprints at once and press Start. That should definitely be an option. THe main window could then show a very compressed version of the 10 different blueprints with only a Bar that is either green (if you got all materials to start) or red if you are missing something. Then you could click into that specific blueprint and restock if you need more.
Just something simple like that.

Second, since you can’t select and start many blueprints as once you now need to Arrow Down start Arrow Down start and that procedure can be laggy and clunky. So if you do it to fast you’ll have to wait for the UI to react.
Blueprints are made to go gray when they’ve been started, however, if you click + start too fast the UI can’t keep up and will many times build the blueprint but won’t show it as grey which is, of course, a bug. But it all comes down to the whole industry UI being slow and clunky.


My main problem with the market UI is that it’s still connected to things being bought and sold. So if you’re scrolling through a long menu and one of your items is sold or bought the UI flipps out and will bring you back to the top of where you were. Very frustrating.
This is also true if you’re looking at the Market Graph of prices over time. As soon as something is being bought or sold on your account the graph will reset. So if you’re zoomed in and looking at something you’ll have to try and find where you were again each time.

You can easily test this by just putting up buy orders for 10-15 items with extremely high volume like metal scraps.

This will make scrolling through any menu in the game virtually impossible.

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