Industry Fleet Looking for a Home

So let me get started by saying I am a focused Industry Pilot. My fleet is designed around how I operate and how I plan to move forward with my production chains.

Currently I run 3 hulks and 2 orcas with one that doubles as a freighter pilot. One of the orcas is my booster. I also have a logi pilot in the making for now its not alot of help in shields but she pulls her own in other roles as well.
What I am looking for is a Corp in High Sec maybe a Low Sec area that is industry focused with the facilities needed to be profitable. I have no plans at this time to make the move into Null as I want to finish training some stuff before I make that move, that move is planned but will not happen for at least 6 months.

If you wish to speak me to the easiest way is to eve mail me so we can set a time to talk.

Still Looking for the right home.

Ayasha Aurora, We have a highsec base, and 2 nullsec homes. We could help you reach a point where you feel comfortable in null. We have a great team that would be happy to support you. Mail me in game for a chat if interested or share your Discord if interested.
Good luck!

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