Industry Impact of the AIR Carrer Program

Somehow, the frigate boxes earned through the AIR Carrer Program are now tradable on the market.

There is already a market for frigate boxes that can meet acquisition requirements through remittances. Would this not affect existing frigate producers?

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without numbers, you can’t tell.

If it takes longer to do the mission, than to get the resource in another way, then it won’t affect.

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Well, T1 frigate profit margins were already crap thanks to career agent rewards and how easy it was for new industrialists to get into them. So, newbies already had better options for stuff to build. Moreover, the air frigate boxes now cost way more than buying frigates straight from the market. Thus, I seriously doubt this will have a huge impact on industrialists building T1 frigs.

Now, you might be wondering, why are frigate boxes selling for more than what their contents are worth? Well, that’s because they have a volume of 1m3 -which makes them extremely easy to transport. So, the biggest impact they are likely to have will be on logistics.


There is another problem with this frigate box: the box is not grouped in the market. Therefore, it is impossible to select this item from the market window.

If this is not the intended behavior, it should be made untradeable as an item, and if it is the intended behavior, it should be grouped in the market.

why ?

maybe the exact state it is in, is actually the intended behaviour : you can trade them by contracts, not by market.

The current status of the frigate box is a black market. As you can see in the image, the only way to access the market for this item is through this information box.

This form of market is not healthy when the specifications available for purchase are legitimate.

Fixed by update

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