Industry tab of the reactions must be in the game

Hello and happy new year!

I want to start to produce reactions. But i can not get correct information about this reacted components. Or better say, they have no tab “industry” in their info panel.
For example Titanium Carbide have no information about it’s industry, i can not see in-game how i can produce it.
It simply have no link to the reaction formula. I can find it by it’s name so, but it is not comfortable.
Simple solution - add industry tab, like any other module or ship in game.


In game, open the market -> blueprints -> Reaction formulas

Find the one you want and look at the industry tab.

Thanks, i know it.
I am telling about another way. I want to open material itself and see everything about it.
As i said before - like any other module, ship or component and even PI product in the game.

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