I was looking at reaction blueprint today, this seems like a very complicated area. I just wanted to confirm that I have the process right.

Lets take the Scalar Capacitor Unit

To make that requires the following reprocessed materials

Titanium Carbide, Fullerides, Nanotransistors and Nonlinear Metamaterials

As an example let’s take one of those items, the Titanium Carbide.

To make Titanium Carbide, I need Titanium Carbide Reaction Formula and I also need some Reaction materials and some fuel blocks. To get the other items for the Scalar Capacitor Unit I would need the other respective Reaction Formula BPO and the reaction materials and fuel blocks to go with it.

This bit I get (assuming that it is right of course)

As I was clicking around I saw something called Titanium Chromide Reaction Formula. Where do this fit in the reaction tree, is this like a next level down, so if I have the Titanium Chromide Reaction Formula I can also make the Titanium Chromide, and likewise if I have the Silicon Diborite Reaction Formula I can make Silicon Diborite to then go on and make Titanium Carbide

In which case I need 3 reactions Formulas to make the Titanium Carbide, and if so, how can I work out if it is profitable rather than buy? Is there a program like Isk Per Hour but it deal with reactions down to that level? (or can IPH actually do that too)

You got this right.

TiCh is one of the 2 sub rections that you need to react Titanium Carbide. As the TiCa reaction says in the Industry tab, you need to have TiCh and SiDi to react TiCa. Both TiCh and SiDi have their own reactions, which require raw moon goo as reaction material.

The process therefore would be:

  1. react TiCh with Titanium, Chromium and Oxygen FBs & react SiDi with Evaporite Deposits, Silicates and Oxygen FBs
  2. react the TiCh and SiDi to TiCa.
  3. use the TiCa and Sylramic Fibers to build Titanium Diborite Armor Plates

Voodoo, black magic. I cannot imagine that it is profitable time-wise to build these things yourself because you have to do the reactions in low sec and then move the reacted materials out of low sec again (if you build in high sec), which all increases the cost and effort. According to, the reactions however seem to be profitable in terms of money. If this page is still uptodate, that is.

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thanks for the breakdown @Zhalyd_Lyehin, Yeah I think i am… sorry was certainly looking to bite off more than i could chew, I am in high sec atm but looking for a WH, Low or Null sec area to move to, but then that brings its own set of problems

As always with our famous Excel in space game, there is a web site for that.

Look under “Composite” for T2 reactions. “Simple Reactions” are the profit for the first step, “Complex Reactions” for the second step and “Complex Chain Reactions” the profit for both steps required for a specific output material.

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That reactions.coalition site is incredible for visually seeing what’s required.

The best advice is to jump in with something small and start to build a small number. You’ll start to get a feel for how the materials are distributed over the different reaction levels and what quantities are required.
You’ll also get a new appreciation for all things fuel blocks :wink:

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