Moon Mining/Reactions Scheme

With the democratization of moon mining and reactions, I felt a bit overwhelmed with the logistics of reactions.

So I took on Alysii’s PI Scheme and reverse-engineered it for T2 Reactions.
Also, here’s the associated repo:

Hope it helps!

If there’s demand for it, or, even better, a pull request, I will add Hybrid and booster reactions.


Nice work! I feel like blocks should be somewhere else (maybe at the bottom of raw materials?) so they don’t make things quite as messy, but otherwise, well done!

Now that is a good piece of work. Most useful - many thanks

This is wonderful! Thanks for putting this together :slight_smile:

A few missing links but should be easily corrected

To my knowledge:

Caesarium Cadmide uses both Cadmium & Caesium. You forgot to link Caesium

Silicon Deborite uses both Evaporites Deposits & Silicates. You forgot ti link Silicates

But, a big thank you for this tab, fantastic work!

Thanks, fixed those typos!

I thought about it, too, but I felt that having the fuel blocks on the left was 1. easier to do, and 2. preserved the flow from left to right.
I’m pretty sure we could manage to have the fuel blocks at the bottom or something, but my web design skills are better left unused.
I’m happy enough with the scheme as it is, but I’m open to improvements should somebody have the skills to make a better layout!

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Well…I sure wouldn’t mind seeing booster reactions incorporated. I have done a lot of searching for booster reaction info and its very lacking out there.

Another bug found:

the links from Titanide in the first column are missing…



Still using your scheme as it is great. But could you correct the link from “Titanide”. Btw, it is Titanite and not Titanide. That may explain why no links are drawn from “Titanide”


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