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Hello All,

Be ye bee or bug or spider or thug, I implore you please head over to my video and help get my manufacturing videos off the ground. I would feel so special. As you can see, I am very new to Youtube and would be so grateful for any support and kind kind words as I improve my skillz.


I have been posting screenshots of my manufacturing operations in and industry thread that you can see below.

(A little insight into MupahCorp's spread)

All the typing has worn out my dainty digits and thus I have recorded and posted to Youtube the first of my manufacturing videos looking at some of my spreadsheeting solutions. I would be honoured if any of you might head over and give it a like, a follow and even a share to one of our dear newbros.

Please be kind for sheltered under the Kestrel’s wing does not you a Titan make. “many wisdoms”



Looks like a great video and on behalf of all of the wannabe industrialists out there, let me express my sincere thanks for taking the time to do this!


I noticed that the audio is incredibly low in the video and I can barely make out the narration. I don’t know a thing about video production, but I’ve done audio for decades- if there is anything I can do to help in that area (advice, suggestions, doing some processing for you, etc.) please let me know and I’m happy to assist!

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Yes, now I had issues with my recording device as all that I had on hand was my headset.

Maybe next time I can increase my input during capture? I used something called OBS and then got premier pro. Both are brand new and I’ve never used them before but am very pumped to get a little title screen and outline a roadmap for further content.

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Awesome! I hope you didn’t take that as being critical or discouraging- and as I say, I’m happy to help however I can. If you want me to poke at the video and do a quick audio edit, I can do that for you. Just email me in-game.

For future recordings, you’ll want to do a few things.

First, make sure that the mic is as close to your mouth as reasonably possible. Ideally, off to the side slightly so it won’t get your breath as you breathe and speak. If you’re using a headset, that should be in a pretty good spot already as long as the boom is in the proper place.

Second, make sure that you are using your interface and DAW to set your levels properly. It sounds like the input gain is set too low. Depending on how you are able to meter your input level, you will want to see occasional bumps into the yellow (never into the red). That maximizes signal to noise so the capture is cleaner and you have less work to do in post processing.

Last, when you edit the audio in Premiere you will generally want to use a compressor/limiter to maximize the level to about -1.5 dBFS (not more) and a 8th order/48 dB/octave highpass around 250 Hz to take out the rumble. Any other EQ is to taste, unless there are issues with esses, plosives, or sibilance.

Hope that helps!

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Woot, what terrific information, I did see the place where I can put those effects in so that will definitely help!

I’m glad you heard that rumble. I figured that a higher quality mic may address that rustling but if I can get away with EQ that would be good for a while.

Thanks Leah, chat soon.

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More than happy to help.

Rustling is different than rumble- different spectral content. However, that highpass filter will help a bit there too. I use an application called Rx from iZotope to deal with things like that, but I guarantee it’s more money and effort than you want to deal with :slight_smile:

Rustling is going to come from the mic or windscreen rubbing against something- usually the mic capsule rubbing against your face. When I do voiceovers, I use an external mic and pre (EV RE27 and Focusrite Saffire if you’re curious), but again, more money and trouble than you will probably want. The headset will be OK, just try not to let it rub against your face.

Ultimately, my best advice is to get the best initial recording that you can- good level, clean signal. The less processing you have to do in the edit, the better the results and the quicker the editing process goes.

Any time you have questions or need help, just drop me a line!

Leah already explained all the audio stuff much better than I would have ever could. :+1:

I really like this excel sheet but I mostly stayed away from the whole industry thing since I never liked the though of having more than my two characters. (I actually only play one, the second is on the same account and acts as my neutral hauler.)
But I still wonder if it would be at least reasonable - and not end in a loss of ISK when I have researched BPOs and materials for their invention availabe, and only need to buy the materials for lets say… T2 frigates?

Also why have you only researched BPOs of 9% material efficency? Does time efficency have no effect on the outcome of the T2 BPC?

Thanks in advance.

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This one I can answer :slight_smile:

No, the ME/TE of the BPC that is being researched does not have an impact on the resulting ME/TE of the T2 BPC that is created. You need to use decryptors in the research to adjust those parameters. The research time itself is not affected by the TE for the BP either.

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I really want to share this video but the narrative is soooo low. After maxing the volume the game background noise overwhelms your narration.

Then again the background noise was on my end!

Thank you good sir, I have done some tweaking and will reload such that one may enjoy my sultry voice. I’m newbing out pretty hard with video editing and voice capture, learning lots though.

Many loves

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Much better audio! Well done!

And thanks a ton for doing this- I’m going to be watching this intently :slight_smile:

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Leah… I haven’t uploaded the loud one yet…

Really? Ah, I’m on a different computer with different speakers, so I cranked it up I suppose. :slight_smile:

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bump the caspah

A better MIC is always a worthy investment.

I’ve always been partial to the condenser XLR/USB microphones by Blue designs, they really have better warmth and mid-range tonality for the money.

For software input on the MIC, take a peek and poke at the free virtual cable solution from VB-Audio - this has been most popular for those using streaming /v-conferencing setups as it eliminates cross talk, plus stops a problem with NVidias Shadowplay on ‘clicking’ and ‘popping’.

As for YouTube - always upload an uncompressed RGBA444, as YouTube will do their own compression anyway.

So, as most compress footage prior to uploading, YouTube then re-compress the file and it always looses quality - especially for files that have already been compressed. YouTube pump files out in RGB420, which is just…nasty

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Thanks a bunch AlleyKat,

I was originally posting the video just to support the forum post but have since decided it’s better to have a good crack and bring value with other how to’s and more content in a shorter format.

Funny you should mention microphones from “blue” as I did invest in a “yeti” and it has just been stellar. The next video will be coming up soon and I would love to know if you can hear the difference in audio quality. I have been exporting the media from premier pro with the recommended youtube 1080p setting.


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New video up, slowly working out how to use a microphone, sorry guys :pensive: hopefully the content makes up for it!


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New video up, a precursor to building spreadsheeting solutions for yourself :nerd_face:
Production quality slowly becoming less bad.


Thanks all


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