Indy corp looking for home

run 6/9 acounts depends. build mine pi run 130 odd bases crap at pvp as late au time player but toons can fly any thing to titans most acounts have mains with 70 to 110 sp. been whs for 4/5 years 4/5 years nul befor that and nul since but just want quite spot to chill. am self relent dont want to join corp as in end they end up costing money u lose .so why have own. drop this toon mail if u like .

We have 0% tax on all our Indy facility; if you are looking to build on a large scale we should talk. We are currently looking for competent T2 manufactures. We also have the right planets in ONE system that allow you to produce all the way to P4.

Swing by our discord and ask for Xeno

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