[Indy Hi-Sec] Intellectus Hiatus, still growing

Hey there! We are a fleet of pilots looking to carve our own little area of space and calling it our own. We’re a small corporation based in Amarr. Our location is off the beaten path, which means we can enjoy activities like mission-running, mining, low-sec PVP, and other activities like abyssal deadspace, exploration, and ratting with little interruption from outside forces.

We’re still getting set up in our new home, and we’re in the process of adding our own structures to enable our members to enjoy the benefits of pulling moons, compression, researching, copying and invention.

When we do mining fleets we always have an Orca available to maximise our exploitation of our system, and of course maximising your ISK/hour. We have spontaneous mining and mission-running fleets. We also host about two scheduled corporation operations every week, so there is always an event to look forward to!

But it’s not all about the game — we’re just a few friends who decided to start our own corporation after our previous one disbanded. We’re looking for like-minded people who are open to having a good time while playing EVE casually. We’re not just a corporation looking for numbers — we’re looking for new friends to share our adventures with.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly group of people who enjoy playing EVE Online casually, why not give us a try? We’d love to meet you and welcome you into our community!

Contact Davina Spectre or Andrew Thordmer in-game, or alternatively join our Discord!


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Fun fact of the day: Cats have been domesticated twice during human history, and were almost hunted to extinction during the black plague, as they were believed to be the cause. Ironically the dwindling cat population caused a surge in the rat population, accelerating the infection rates.

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Fun fact of the night: Metals don’t really have a smell, the smell from coins mainly comes from oils produced by the skin which react with the minerals of the coin. Wash a coin and it will be odorless.