The EVE currency, the ISK must be revaluated. At the moment an ISK is worth nothing. There is not a single thing that can be bought with one ISK. Revaluing the ISK will make commerce more like real world commerce. TAke Gold for example. Every world currency has a value in terms of Gold.

Do they still sell one cent candies? One penny is worth much less in many countries in real life, some even dollars worth less than pennies in others. Some countries currency are so worthless they aren’t worth the cost of items you could use them to do the same, toilet paper worth more than paper currency used to buy it.

Also, if you consider that an ISK is like a single dollar or whatever equivalent denomination by the country you come from. People who sell things don’t have to constantly reduce the value of their items they are trying to sell by 0.01 ISK just to compete with every single other player trying to sell the same thing. In real life people just set a price and wait for you to come buy it from their store/service, with the ability to set a standard in pricing equivalent to what they think is fair for the quality of the product or service they provide.

In eve online, competing means constantly lowering your price below your competition no matter where you are.

Gold for example, nobody constantly tries to sell their gold for less than the next person selling it at the cheapest price. Gold has real value in terms of the value of the currency used to price it. Like PLEX, being something that people want to constantly get more of whether they need it or not, knowing that it’s value will always go up even when the value of the currency used to buy it only goes down.

ISK is just another currency, like any real life currency that eventually suffers inflation. In a game that has been around 16 years of wealth accumulation devaluing everything in it, and another problem in botting and RMT markets. The value of ISK has just gone down a whole lot.

Revalue it to what?

Most currency isnt backed by gold any more fyi.

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The Isk should be backed by corvettes.

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You guys are stupid.
OP’s a troll.

At this rate, we’ll need to reevaluate the value of topics. The inflation of posts about inflation is becoming unsustainable.