Infomorph Wellness Center

Chatelain Auxiliary Response is delighted to announce the anchoring of the Infomorph Wellness Center above the rings of Stacmon V.

This announcement is an introduction to the IWC for potential clients but also an invitation to anyone seeking like-minded collaborators in the field of infomorph healthcare to use the IWC’s facilities.

Please feel to ask any questions not covered by the responses to the FAQs below.

What is the IWC?

The IWC aims to serve two functions:

  • hosting a limited but state-of-the-art medical infrastructure offering from Chatelain Biopharma; and
  • providing an open platform for third parties wishing to collaborate and innovate in the various fields of physical and mental healthcare for informorphs.
Why is the IWC relevant to me?

Because ‘capsuleer dementia’, as it is sometimes referred to, is a challenge to us all that will only increase as infomorph technology begins to extend our life experience beyond the span of years for which humans are evolved to cope with successfully.

Despite the power and wealth enjoyed by many independent capsuleers and clone soldiers, the unique long term health challenges we face are becoming increasingly clear as the YC 104 Capsuleer Pilot Act and the YC 115 DED Mercenary Infomorph Act approach their third and second decades respectively. The physical and psychological trauma involved in the lives of many infomorphs after graduation is undisputed and recent research has observed the increased prevalence of early life psychological trauma among capsuleer populations.

All informorphs can benefit from a holistic approach to managing long term exposure to trauma. Up to date cloning therapy made possible through Upwell’s STANDUP technology is partial solution but it should be made available within a package that prioritizes wellbeing in all areas.

Those with the inclination may also agree with us that there is an underexplored space for infomorphs themselves to design and deliver elements of this holistic package, rather than rely on the cluster’s corporate giants which are largely focussed on their core non-infomorph markets.

The IWC aims to address both needs.

Why should I trust IWC?

We recognize the sensitive and highly personal nature of healthcare services, particularly for infomorphs. Our clients need to trust both the independence and competence of the operator of a facility such as the IWC.

Chatelain Auxiliary is a non-aligned, client-driven service provider, reflecting the independent natures of both our largest shareholder and our long standing Syndicate-based clients. A track record of reliability and discretion is by far our most valuable asset. We offer this simple fact as the best guarantee that we can be trusted to prioritize serving clients’ interest above all else.

Our engagement with the healthcare sector was prompted by the Intaki crisis of YC 121. Some readers may remember our support of the local medical industry at that time, a project which lead to the creation of Chatelain Biopharma, which in turn led to a research center in Duureanta (Harroule IV), a hospital in Navyi Akat (Intaki Prime) and a manufacturing facility in Syndicate (JQV). During this period CHTBP has invested significant resources in acquiring and developing the technology and personel required to operate the IWC to the highest possible standards.

What is currently available at the IWC?

The IWC has opened with an offering that aims to be a foundation rather than claiming to be complete.

Cloning Center
Chatelain Biopharma operates the IWC’s cloning center. This facility allows clients to engage in a consultation process with our technicians to develop clones specifically tailored to their individual needs whether this involves the management of long term conditions, rehabilitation from specific experiences or simply enjoying the range of recreational options available.

CHTBP is also able to build and install bespoke medical centers and cloning centers at our clients’ own facilities to allow them enjoy all the benefits of the IWC experience closer to home.

Research Center
The IWC also hosts a modular research center. Modules are entirely secure from the operator’s oversight (beyond basic safety controls) and available to all approved users to work on their own research projects with partners of their choosing.

CHTBP is currently working with a partner to explore therapeutic applications of C3-FTM Acid in a solution of khuska oil but this work remains at a very early stage.

Recreation Center
In many ways, the recreation center is at the core of our wellness offering.

[[Credit: Frans Blok]]

Stay at the Kalmintra Tree resort or reserve your own private villa, visit the Rejuvenation Glen (one of Syndicate’s most exclusive spas), relish the culinary delights of Clan Akuma and enjoy the growing range of other amenities on offer.

We are delighted to already host a number of psychotherapy experts from I-RED’s Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI) who are available to help clients with various therapies and counseling services. We are in early discussions with other providers ranging from Amarrian hippotherapy, Vherokior mystic meditation techniques, Achura tea cleansing and contempogrok therapy from the University of Caille.

We very much welcome any and all approaches by others.

So, dock up, install a clone and feel well!


This all sounds so immensely fascinating! Would I be able to arrange a tour?

My interest has been caught. May I request a tour as well? I might have a few ideas for how you may be able to expand upon your operation.

Certainly, I’d be pleased to arrange a tour and answer any questions you may have. I will send you a mail.

Most certainly, a key plank of this project is supporting the ideas of others.

What ties do you have with CONCORD? Do you operate under the supervision of Biosecurity Responders?

Our cloning services are fully registered with CONCORD, as is required by our shareholder given its own regulatory obligations. We do not operate under the supervision of the Biosecurity Responders, however, as their mandate covers epidemiology and disease management.

If you have further questions about our regulatory status, I should probably refer you to our corporate counsel for the details, which I am happy to arrange.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has noted that this facility does not advertise a church, chapel, or other religious center. Spiritual wellness is of course an essential component of overall Infomorph wellness. The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist therefore offers to install a chapel at the Infomorph Wellness Center, staffed by a priest duly and validly ordained by our Bishop, Clytoneus.

Our church offers two major wellness advantages over most others:

  1. We believe in the eminent coming of a True Emperor, who will offer salvation to almost everyone should they join a restarted Reclaiming. The possibility of salvation – and an easy life serviced by Minmatar slaves – is good for an Infomorph’s mental health.
  2. Also good for anyone’s mental health is the idea that “No matter how low you think you are, there is someone much lower.” In sedevacantist theology, that “someone much lower” is the Minmatar, and Infomorphs at our chapel will be continually flattered with the teaching that they are vastly better and superior to any Minmatar.
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Thank you for your offer. You are absolutely right about the importance of spiritual practice for many of our clients and this is an area that we would like to address.

As regards the imperial rite, I have contacted Archbishop Constantin Baracca, given his diosecan responsibilities but have yet to hear back from his office.

We would be very interested to hear from practitioners of other traditions as well.


I see. We would like to point out that the liturgy of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist is that of the Imperial Rite, minus any reference to Anti-Empress Catiz and adding a prayer for the coming of the True Emperor. Neither alteration should have any impact on Infomorph mental health.

I am not a theologian but am familiar enough with the issues to be concerned that both alterations might significantly impact the mental health of most Amarrian infomorphs!

I will, however, consult with those more knowledgeable and thank you again for your interest meanwhile.

I’ll be sure t’ alert the th’ Archbishop and someone will get back to you!

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Bishop Baracca is a liberal abolitionist who once dumped an Amarrian Lady – causing her much grief – in order to fornicate instead with a filthy Minmatar subhuman. Infomorph who have trouble in their spiritual lives need the weighty fullness of Faith, not the sort of diluted, self-help pablum one such as Biship Baracca would provide.

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Do friends of friends get a discount, I may have a group of people that needs a well deserved rest after what they went though a few days ago.

Preferable away from prying eyes.

Friends of yours would be welcome, Mlle Blackfire, of course and I’m sure we can work out a reasonable discount for a group booking, thank you. Please send me any relevant details so we can ensure they get the most out of their stay.

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Ohh, looks like I got some competition in my 'hood. Will you give a foot rub if I come by?


I’m all thumbs sadly so I’ll book you into the Rejuvenation Glen, you’ll thank me later.

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An interesting announcement. I will have to make a point to stop by and visit when my schedule permits. I have been feeling rather stressed at the state of affairs in neighboring Placid lately…

Edit: Thread reopened at OP’s Request–Moderator

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Chatelain BioPharma has, reluctantly, decided to unanchor the Infomorph Wellness Center from its current position. On behalf of our shareholders, I would like to thank all those who have supported the IWC, especially those who have entrusted us with their clone profiles or invested in research, treatment and leisure facilities.

This decision follows consultation with a number of our institutional clients and reflects their view that Fislipesnes no longer offers the secure environment appropriate for a project of this sensitive nature. We are exploring alternative locations with the authorities in Sanctum and hope to provide an update in due course.

Meanwhile, we would request that all guests and partners remove their clones and assets from the IWC within 30 standard days from this notice. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the CHTAR team with questions.

Tch! Explains why I never had my application processed…