[Villore Accords] Haven for Infomorph Soldiers

[Villore Accords]
Vlillirier 7
Moira Headquarters

Today Villore Accords is announcing the beginning of our push to create a haven for ground bound infomorphs within the cluster of New Eden. GMVA will be looking to make the purchase of any clone contracts currently held by corporate interests with the knowing consent of the infomorph in question. GMVA will be paying all further expenses incurred by the infomorphs in pursuit of finishing current contracts. Extensions, and new contracts will be created for soldier infomorphs who require them. Travel expenses, and plans will be covered by GMVA.

All interested Clone Soldiers are asked to contact @Tristan_Valentina through Galnet.


Tristan Valentina
Villore Accords
Freedom Through Superior Firepower


Villore Accords? Interesting.

Wouldn’t have pegged you lot for the kind to suddenly start caring for the safety and security of warclones. No, more likely I assume you are looking for some extra firepower and intend to take advantage of the current state of the warclone community to garner some sympathy while bolstering the strength of the FDU. And you know what, all things considered… It’s a smart play, if that’s your angle.

If we haven’t formally met, allow me to introduce myself. As the founder of the Bosena Accords (I assure you the name is entirely coincidental) I have been de facto in charge of a leading organization in creating a safe haven for warclone mercenaries in Molden Heath. We have practically a legion of soldiers among our members, who are free to act as independent contractors or sign themselves on to an outside outfit as they see fit. As such, maybe hear me out for a moment.

I’m not naive enough to assume your interests are purely noble, you even publically state your intentions in your post above. But either way, it doesn’t matter. No such thing as a free lunch and all that. Our men are mercenaries after all, war is our business and we could do a lot worse than collaborating with the FDU on a professional basis if that means slowly getting our people back to work under fair conditions. I have zero compunctions about having any number of them join your organization if they so choose, and I would be happy to work with your organization to help facilitate this so long as the Bosena Accords is allowed to continue to play a hand in overseeing the conditions of these soldiers to make sure that they are being treated well and fairly by their employers.

Regardless of your intention to wage war for the Federation, if the end result is another safe space for warclones with fair working conditions than it is my responsibility to cooperate and assist in this project if you’d have us. I think, truly, this can be a very fruitful partnership for both of our organizations.

Besides, if I am wrong you’re all truly just a bunch of benevolent bleeding hearts looking to help out old soldiers? Gods, less work for us then right?

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We seek all Infomorphs no matter how they choose to employ themselves. While we obviously have uses for soldiers, we are equally capable of employing almost any trade. We will spend money to retrain any Clone Soldiers who feel like soldiering is no longer there calling. Please stay in contact, and feel free to visit our Haven as any form of oversight is certainly interesting. We are sure we would meet or exceed any standards you feel are appropriate for employment, and the wellness of the Infomorphs.


A curious turn of events.

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This is certainly a pleasant surprise.

Many of our members have hung up their arms in favor of using their immortal status to work high-risk trade jobs and are looking for contracts to help break through into the civilian market. Any non-combat jobs you need filled would be a major opportunity for them, and I am almost certain they would be far more lenient in their compensation given they are looking for reputable experience and have a much lower overhead cost than soldiers. Our mercenaries, for their part, would obviously be interested in any combat roles you need filling as well.

I sincerely appreciate the openness and transparency you have shown by inviting us to visit your Haven too, and your willingness to allow us mild oversight. Rest assured, we wouldn’t dare overstep ourselves in the process of course. Really, as long as we can establish that it is a safe environment with proper equipment then you can easily expect the full support and cooperation of the Bosena Accords.

I’ll reach out to you on GalNet later this week about sending over an initial team of volunteers who would be willing to work a few contracts for the Villore Accords, tour the facility, and determine if they want to extend their contracts. If so, then we’d be happy to direct even more mercenaries towards your employment.

I have a feeling that this may be the start of a very productive, friendly relationship between the mercenary community, the Villore Accords, and maybe in time even with the FDU as a whole.


This will not be a Haven. That will be a Hell.
And I am not speaking about the fact, that joining Villore Accords will make you enemies of the State and humanity, and that you will be exterminated like rabid dogs - that you should have guessed yourselves. But the main issue will be that you will be cut out from the best paid jobs in our cluster, provided by Caldari State, since it it highly unlikely any of the important and good paid jobs will be offered to a kill-on-sight unit.

Oh, and one more important addition to consideration: those soldiers, who will be hired by Villore Accords or any other Federal-aligned corporation if being caught alive, will be put under tribunal for investigation of their possible crimes. It is a well known fact that Gallente Federation uses infomorph soldiers for genocide of civilian population of colonies (ref. GalNet search “Black Rise Death Squads”)

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Happy to hear about the cooperation with GMVA and possibly FDU as a whole.

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We will not be requiring any FDU level participation from these infomorphs. While we align certainly to the ideals of the federation we can not expect this of all the infomorphs we hope to employ. There are always threats in New Eden though so there will always be need for combatants.

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Now, that’s just silly. According to the hard numbers for the Infomorph Economy last month, total wealth generation among Infomorphs (Market activity is not included, as it does not create wealth, it simply redistributes it from one capsuleer to another) in Empire (high and low security) was as follows:

The Amarr Empire: 18.693T ISK (for a Per-Region Average of 2.33663T)
The Caldari State: 68.104T ISK (PRA: 17.026T)
The Gallente Federation: 16.424T ISK (PRA: 2.73733T)
The Minmatar Republic: 10.077T ISK (PRA: 2.51925T)

By these numbers, the Caldari State is easily the best location for wealth generation among infomorphs among the Empires. However, the “best-paid jobs in our cluster” are clearly to be found elsewhere:

Imperium: 81.467T ISK (PRA: 27.15567T) [Or, more specifically:

Delve: 66.021T ISK]

Clearly the place to go looking for maximum wealth generation among infomorphs is not the Caldari State, but rather, Delve.

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I’ve checked the table.
They are soldiers, not… miners.
Because mining is what looks really… different in comparison to other regions. I don’t know how you manage to… make… infomorphs… do so MUCH mining, taking into accound tedious type of such work. I’ve heard some rumors… but I won’t be saying this here, as I clearly lack evidences for any such claims.

I’d stay on my point, and will say that the State offers still better… jobs.

By letting them make money. As for


And that is the specific post you responded to, claiming those people—which includes people who have ‘hung up their arms’—would be cut out from ‘the best paid jobs in our cluster’.

That claim is factually untrue, as is this one:

Really? Did you miss the pirate bounties section?

Caldari Region Numbers
Black Rise 76.00
Lonetrek 684.00
The Citadel 643.00
The Forge 487.00
Average: 472.50


Imp. Region Numbers
Delve 11,261.00
Querious 3,121.00
Fountain 2,602.00
Average: 5,661.33

You know, the bit where pirate-hunting in Fountain eclipses pirate-hunting in the entire Caldari State, and pirate-hunting in Delve totals nearly ten times the total amount in the State?

That’s not mining.

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Don’t they have to be capsule pilots to get these bounties?

These are numbers encompassing the infomorph economy. Are you trying to claim clone soldiers can’t make that adjustment? Thal might disagree, don’t you think?

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Sweet Maker, why I hate talking to types like you, is excess of false assumptions about other persons. I bet there would be less of them if we talk in person, just because Caldari navy boot would squish your throat. But no, I wasn’t trying to claim that. I just said, these jobs are for capsule pilots, and soldiers with their implants might not be compatible with capsule interface. I don’t know how it works, but what I do know, that these are two diffrent professions.

And no, I am not going to ask a known dishonorable and dishonest person any question when I am looking for truth. His opinion has no meaning for me, and I don’t care whether he will agree or disagree. He is nothing to me, and I am not interested in any talks with him whatsoever.

That’s not an assumption, Diana, it’s a question. Specifically, I was asking so as to avoid any assumptions. I would’ve thought you’d appreciate that… but then, that was an assumption on my part. So: I’m sorry I assumed you’d appreciate me trying to avoid making assumptions.

And I’ll also remind you that the last time we spoke in person, you weren’t exactly putting your ‘Caldari navy boot’ on my throat. Or, you know, wearing boots, for that matter.

Edit: and for the record, Thal is a former Templar (Clone soldier) who made the transition to a capsuleer. He’s far from the only one. If you don’t know that the two sets of implants are similar enough to allow clone soldiers to have their medical clones grown with capsuleer implants and then just transfer to the new clone with the other implants… well, now you know.


Considering amount of your previous false assumptions and that this question did in fact contain an assumption, which again was false one, I’ll stand on my word.

And about the boots… I’ll put them on next time.

You should check your mail. And put your boots on.


First of all Diana I am a proud statesman, but even I know well enough that it would hardly be the first time my own State has attempted to exterminate our kind.

Second, you can hardly blame me if as a mercenary I am occasionally inclined to step across the firing line every now and again so long as both parties understand that it is a professional business relationship. This has nothing to do with nationalism or specific ideology as far as I am concerned. Gods, one might even call me assisting in this project a patriotic display of good old fashion Caldari pragmaticism.

Besides, Ms. Valentina has made it clear that these operations and contracts will not be specifically tied to the FDU and that all infomorph soldiers will be free to pick their contracts at their choosing. Even if they asked me to commit something outright treasonous like kick start another war for Caldari Prime, I would still be in a position to refuse if need be.

And yet many soldiers within the largest employer of warclones within the State can barely afford a short leave of absence without going bankrupt. Reports of working conditions like those seen in Storm Wind Strikeforce, despite their attempts to reconcile by offering staggered leave for their employees, is the reason why the Bosena Accords decided to shift our charter for the purpose of froming a Trade Union Congress among warclones in the first place.

If worker conditions for immortal soldiers improved in the State, if warclones were guaranteed the same level of accommodations and protections as are being offered by the Villore Accords, and if the job opportunities were there then rest assured that we would consider recommending our troops work for the State as well. But that is not currently the case.

Okay, I’ll humor you Kim-haani. Let’s assume we live in a universe where this is true, 'cause who knows right?

I can tell you right now that if it is and we have even the slightest reason to believe that it might be the case we would halt our cooperation with the Villore Accords immediately in accordance with our union charter. Specifically, as outlined in Article 3:

The BA-TUC fights for:

  • The socialization of the war economy in the interest of working men and women, as well as for the establishment of the concept of the self-managed soldier
  • The distribution of weapons, clones, training, and equipment for the benefit of the warclone community
  • The responsible use of war
  • Improving working conditions for all mercenaries
  • The unperturbed growth of the standard of living for all soldiers
  • The regular and fair payment of salaries, pensions, and all other allowances (social or otherwise) by employers
  • The abolition of monopolies in the realm of military intelligence
  • The right to unionize

As far as I’m concerned gunning down innocent civilians in any context is a clear violation of the “responsible use of war” claus and would be grounds for immediate termination of our contract and the expulsion of any members found to have collaborated significantly in any such act.

Such rules are in place to protect the legitimacy of our organization, protect the safety of our members, and to cover our own asses in clear terms. This way we can feel confident in trusting organizations like the Villore Accords in the knowledge that if we are ever asked to do something along those lines we are within our rights to back out of the agreement then and there.

I’m fairly confident the Villore Accords would never place us in that situation in the first place, but know that even if they did no one can force or even reasonably ask any of our members to take part in such an atrocity.

I’m sorry ma’am, are you implying that Delve is also willing to host warclone enclaves or were you just simply singing your praises of The Imperium? I don’t mean to be rude, just an honest question.


Honestly, after the Federation already used cloned soldiers to genocide civilian population of Caldari colonies, I myself won’t think twice before just shooting a random DUST-er right between the eyes if I’ll be given an order. Of course, I will prefer to capture them, question and make a tribunal find whether they are guilty or no… but in the action, my own… hatred… will guide me. And I believe many more Caldari people share my feelings towards cloned soldiers. On the other hand, me and the majority of Caldari still outside of combat will treat you just and with respect. After all, we are professionals.

Well, Mr. Fae. I am a soldier, not mercenary. And I am Caldari. I brought my oath to the State as a Citizen. Stepping across the line for me is not professional - it is straightforward treason. Honesty, loyalty and courage - that’s what constitutes Officer’s honor.

And most important - I do not fight for the ideology.

I fight for the State.

For me, anyone with ties to FDU, FN, FIO or any other organization that wears Federal uniform is an enemy, whom I am expected to terminate on contact. There is war going on. It’s not just Megacorp rivalry, where mercenaries can help one corp to grow stronger, then another. It is usual among Caldari mercenaries. But supporting an enemy of the whole State, enemy that was genociding Caldari citizens is not acceptable and will be met with deadly force.

Those “mercenaries” who stand on Gallente side are not Caldari anymore. They are traitors, enemy collaborators and enemies, who are to be exterminated without pity and regret.

Karmafleet and ASCEE are always recruiting.

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