[Villore Accords] The safe transfer of Passengers to High Sec

[Villore Accords]
Vlillirier 7
Moira Headquarters

After granting the contract to @Laiya_Aholm for the shipping of Passengers out of the GMVA Cloud Ring holdings. The first transport has successfully made it to Dodixie. A manifest of the shipped passengers can be seen here.

Thank you to all involved for helping us move these passengers out of the dangerous space they have been in.

Tristan Valentina
Villore Accords
Freedom Through Superior Firepower

Good job sweet’ums. You shipped a bunch of Serpentis affiliates to the Federation of all places. Never was a fan of those drug-pushing crackheads but I can only hope they stir up as much trouble as they can for the Feds! A job well done, Villore Accords.

Or, you know, catch the Interbus shuttle back into Cloud Ring or Fountain.


We will grab them again and ship them back.

People still do random courier contracts…?

Still sticking with black frog.

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So you’ll kidnap people, then? Well, good to know the Serpentis aren’t the only criminals around.


Well it is either kidnap or kill them so we decided kidnapping was the way to go.

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