Injector penalty question

So I was on a 4 yr break and not here when they introduced skill injectors.

I understand why they have diminishing returns, the whole idea of new players “Catching up” - whether you agree with the concept or not. This is a curiosity question, not a suggestion or complaint.

My question, is why did they not allow players to move SP on their own chara without a penalty? (i.e. make an option to love an extractor to only inject on the same chara so you can move SP from skills no longer using) Purpose being clean up old skill mistakes, or change direction of chara from things that may not be interesting any more.

I’m not looking to argue this concept, I am assuming the discussion was already had, and am just curious what the outcome/justification was. I was wondering if I was missing some exploitable or obvious down side when i was wondering.

Because its a penalty.

Reshuffling SP without any penalty? Nah.If you want to reshuffle your SP, youre gonna have to lose some along the way.

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You still can. But for balance reasons they don’t want you infinitely respeccing at no cost or delay.

But you can extract skills you aren’t using to “clean-up” a bit and sell them on the market and then train the new stuff the normal way. You can even buy PLEX with that ISK to pay for the training and pretty much break even on the deal. You just can’t do it immediately.

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One extremely simple explanation, to supplement the above, is that adding an exception or special case scenario increases the complexity of a system. Even if the feature was desirable, it would have to be desirable enough to justify the extra work necessary to implement, debug, and vet the feature.

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Thanks for answering my curiosity all of you =D

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