Inner Circle Peace Talks

I think it is worth highlighting the work of the Inner Circle and CONCORD officials again under extreme pressure in recent days.

The Inner Circle has agreed and is coordinating the implementation of a ‘Mutual Defensive Alert Protocol’ to help manage the risk of accidental escalation, with all four major fleets staring at each other across their respective borders.

The Conflict Monitors on Floseswin have performed their role of providing neutral reporting (without which negotiations become much harder), despite reported attempts to co-opt them.

I hope the full Assembly meeting convened over the weekend is able to build on this work.


The Inner Circle and, if reports are to be believed, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish in particular are to be congratulated for agreeing EMWPA YC122 Revision 1. One can only hope that this is a first, small confidence building agreement that prefaces a Revision 2 on the status of planetary and other orbital bodies in EMWPA systems. The process only serves to highlight the importance of neutral sovereigns in facilitating dialogue between the Big Four when the Inner Circle framework leads to deadlock.


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