Inner Circle Peace Talks

Reports from Yulai suggest that the Inner Circle is establishing a framework that will provide time for a number of initiatives being promoted by the Gallente Federation and Caldari State to proceed while the CONCORD Assembly prepares draft protocols that may form the basis of addendums to the Yulai Convention and Accords, together with significant amendments to the Emergency Militia War Powers Act of YC110.

I have previously joked that hating CONCORD officials seems to be the only thing that IGS readers can agree on (while noting how misplaced that seems). So, I don’t suppose there would be any agreement that these peace talks offer a rare ray of hope and that the CONCORD officials with the unenviable task of coordinating them deserve the cluster’s thanks, would there?


They’ve been a bit too slow this time around, but here’s hoping they will be able to kill this escalation before it goes too far.


Like somebody else getting a similar idea. Or more Heir Family people feeling particularly inspired.

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Seems the Inner Circle peace talks have been paused on account of Roden and Kador meeting… Interesting development…

Not without seeing the full text of the protocols they’re drafting. Absent that, we’ve no idea whether or not this is all a bunch of kabuki to let them claim ‘we’ve taken action!’ while still allowing all parties involved to find a number of convenient loopholes.

I’m letting myself feel a bit hopeful, but I’m reserving judgment until we see results from these talks.

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This is probably the case for the majority of us.


Perhaps I was unduly pessimistic. Even the ability to agree that this might be a good thing seems worth holding onto at the moment.

I hope the reported discussions between President Roden and Lady Kador help unlock what must be a very difficult process.

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Without CONCORD there would be too many capsuleers “drawing” obscenities on populated cities with lasers. The average pilot deserves CONCORD.


It sounds like a consensus is building around the “trade for peace” approach.

The current violence was directly linked by Imperial representatives from the outset to the removal of sanctions. Given this conflict has always been about money rather than principles, isn’t it time for all concerned to swallow their pride, crunch the numbers and cut a deal?

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A war of attrition is a war we’ll lose.

One without trade sanctions and without guerrilla action in occupied territory would be one we’d lose faster.

It’s not pride, it’s practicality.


No, it hasn’t been.

Floseswin is a response to the sanctions, but the sanctions are a response to the Kahah Massacres. The origin of this conflict isn’t money, the origin is a humanitarian crime.

Once again, dropping sanctions imposed to punish an atrocity in order to stop another atrocity is just affirming that committing atrocities is okay. While there’s of course an avenue for sanctions to be dropped, it needs to be with respect to why they were imposed in the first place. Peace is important, but so is justice. And peace without justice will be a fleeting peace, lasting only until the next time the abuser thinks they can gain something by threatening more harm.


Attempting to remain objective, in the current situation, I must question the practicality of trade sanctions and guerrilla action, all can see what it purchased.

As for Kahah, it’s still a matter for the Kingdom. I don’t even know if the Broken One remains of the Empire, but it barely makes a difference, it is no more her place to hold a Royal Heir to account than it is mine.

One of you advocates measures that all but guarantee a war that she concedes cannot be won, in order to lengthen it, and the other seeks to undo the Empire and start again. I’m seeing prodigious pride and precious little practicality.

It’s both.

Everyone involved does need to swallow their pride. These are peace talks. If the Republic and Federation agree to remove their sanctions, they can press the Empire to cease hostilities against marginalized populations. That’s how this works.

It’s bought us time, and the blood of our Enemy.

And those are the two things left we can buy.

If the Empire stops the oppression and aggression, they can press us to drop the sanctions.

We cannot afford to one-sidedly dropping our defense and hoping for the best.

They can.


You know they won’t do that. Because: Pride.

Who’ll be the grownup in the room?

You seek a concession because your opponent is in a position of strength, and you claim practicality… alright.

No, I don’t, Saronu Yassavi.

Quatrevaux implied we should be the first ones to give up. I explained why it does not work that way:

We, in the Republic, are in a position where we must delay you with all that we can, to make more Floseswins where your efforts are thwarted, more Thebekas where revolutions start, to push for sanctions to starve you where we can. Delay, delay, delay. Make every step you take cost. It is not about pride. “Being the adult” and giving in because it would be tasteful and look gracious is what would be prideful, and selfish. We cannot win, maybe, but since this has been started, we must fight.

You, on the other hand, in the Empire, have no reason to relinquish your position or to give up the war of attrition.

Peace is a pipe dream.


Cynical, but honest at least. An honesty that in part shines a light on your disingenuous outrage, you who pride herself on revolutions. The worst of them may not have been yours, but for the ones that are. Your hands are every bit as bloody as the lunatics of Ushra’Khan, for you to attempt to hold anyone to account for the fate of failed rebellions, would be too absurd for satire. Reality it seems is not encumbered by sanity.

The Kingdom is part of the Empire now. That makes it a matter for the Empire. And as the Empire has neglected its responsibility to be a proper parent and strike its sinful and spoiled child, someone else has to.

The Federation and Republic have been, when they decided to actually impose consequences for the Empire’s actions. And as long as they continue to impose those consequences until there is actual improvement and recompense, they will continue to be so. To give that up in the name of peace will make them look weak. And that isn’t a matter of pride. Weakness and cowardice before the Empire in this will encourage it. It will seize on that weakness to justify committing more atrocities, launching more invasions, because it will know that its enemies will back down and give it what it wants anytime it raises its golden fist.

The adult thing is to stand up and say, “No, enough is enough. You will change, or we won’t budge.”

Hopefully, these talks will lead to real improvements. Hopefully there is progress in actually achieving justice for those that have been wronged. But if there is not these things, then damn the peace. Peace is not the most important goal in this conflict. A just war is better than a peace built out of appeasement.