Can we all agree on one thing?

From capsuleer groups, I can offer three candidates: Snuff, Goons and Code.

Though in general, I still advocate on promoting Gallente as the most hated group. And before blaming “just” capsuleers, don’t you think that these capsuleers become “worst of the worst” only because they bask in overwhelming permissiveness, which is a direct consequence of gallentean ideals of freedom?


… and Caldarian hyper capitalism and exploitation, Amarrian religious fundamentalism and Minmatarian tribalism and warfaring. Capsuleers embody and enhance the worst from all empire factions and pirate groups and add individual touches of evilness and hideousness on top of it.


The evil can’t be defined in an entity. We can only agree to hate the evil. A precise organization who can be literally THE EVIL doesn’t exist. We aren’t perfect, even if we come from Gallente or from the Sisters of Eve.

I support the People of the Blood and the Sanshite Freedom Fighters.

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I didn’t say that I hate him or that the attitudes expressed here towards him are justified, just that he seems like a good candidate in answer to the question. I guess you’ve just proved that wrong though. For what it’s worth, I agree, the anger towards him seems a bit over the top sometimes.

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Concord who liked them?

Hu? Why would you hate the …

… oh … WAIT … :open_mouth:


Politicians, the only universally reviled group.

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Caldari already have that position sewn up. No one likes a space squid.

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…Drifters… all they do is gate camp and blob, kill and harvest corpses.

I think ‘Politicians’ as a group do fall under this. Either side in a political structure hate each other and/or each others policies to a greater or lesser degree.

Take any individual political group and compare them to the whole of New Eden’s ‘politicians’ and I’m pretty sure they will on average be hated more than not hated.

Therefore politicians hate themselves, everyone else hates politicians.

I rest my case.


Hatred of Minmatar military personnel is pretty much required for the Chosen People of God, for the Minmatar have rebelled against God’s established order, and Minmatar military personnel are the active portion of that rebellion. We must love what God loves, and hate what God hates, and God hates Minmatar military personnel.

Whether the Chosen People of God are required to hate all Minmatar everywhere for their act of rebellion is a question that gets too little discussion in this wayward, liberal age.


Of course we are, but he’s been awful for no reason but being awful. I even tried to help him once, support his argument, and he just snarled an insult at me. I do take stuff like that a little personally, but that doesn’t make him right, or constructive, or seemingly useful unless his superior is mostly focused on making sure CONCORD officers don’t have too much sympathy for those they’re policing.

I have mixed feelings and a whole lot of questions about our place in this world, too, but I really think he just hates us, Else.

What? This feels like a particularly Gallentean thing for some reason.

Thinking about it, the mechanisms of power in the Federation might work in such a way that politicians get looked at as kind of slimy and squishy and unpleasant or something-- as people who struggle for popular votes might tend to (you’d think it’d be the opposite, but it seems like there’s something inherently suspicious about somebody really desperate to be liked?).

I’m not sure this works at all for anybody else’s politicians, though. They’re mostly power players of one kind or another, and tend to be thought of as being looked up to by their subjects. Maybe in most places they even really are. Yeah … sorry, doesn’t work. I don’t even think the rest of us necessarily dislike Gallentean politicans all that much; they’re just the temporary current or would-be leaders of a somewhat chaotic rival power.


Seriously, does anybody like the Equilibrium of Mankind that isn’t already EoM? They’re not discussed all that much, but basically nobody else is so enthused about everybody dying.

If you want to live-- not even just forever; just, like for the near future-- you probably aren’t a big fan?

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God hates actions, not people.
All people were made by God.
He wouldn’t make anything he hates.
You’re the one who hates God’s creations.

Condemn evil actions and punish those who commit them.
But even the punishments should be out of love.


Goons. Those jerks drive me nuts. I swear, just having to listen to them is like being attacked by ear-cancer.


This gets my vote shudders

Politicians are active only in one of four empires and most people who hate them are just… other politicians. :crazy_face: It’s a little circle of hate that for outsiders and people disinterested in politics becomes quite boring and very soon.

If you look for a better group candidate… consider LAWYERS :triumph:

Only if that entity is self-hating.

Likely the only candidate group.

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