Can we all agree on one thing?

I’ve found myself browsing here on the Intergalactic Summit more and more often lately, getting immersed in the rhetoric of New Eden… everyone knows what they believe, after all. This has, however, raised in me a question…

Is there one entity, be it an individual or group, that literally everyone in New Eden can agree to hate?

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Blood Raiders, with only very minimal deviation.




Both of the groups mentioned above.


I would say rogue drones, but I like them.


All of the above have no shortage of admirers.

Jita is the one thing that everybody hates; and everyone is correct to hate it.


Something that ALL of New Eden hates? Hmm. Well, can’t speak for Rogue Drones but you know when you projectile vomit, and half-digested food is left in your nose? I don’t think anyone likes that.


I propose for everyone in New Eden to agree to hate Gallente.
And I can bring over a dozen reasons why the Federation must be destroyed.


I did not know that. That I remember, it has not happened to me. I had not thought of that as a thing that can happen. Now I have, and yes, I hate it! Ew! Ew ew ew eeeew!

Also, ow! There are some places gastric acid just isn’t supposed to be!

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I haven’t heard many speaking up for Captain Oveg Drust, of CONCORD’s Case Red Gamma Taskforce, on these boards lately.


Pretty sure the Gallante wouldn’t go for that one…

I know of atleast two hardcore gallente fanbois who would not agree to that.

are they the ones buying all those holoreels?

In that case for a positive answer for Mr. Vayle’s question you’ll need to find also an individual or group that hates itself, which I believe is near impossible. Well, at least for a group. :thinking:

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Does this include capsuleer groups? In that case: the filth that collaborates and lives off of the Blood Raiders down in the Delve area. Many capsuleers overall are the worst of the worst. Worse than any pirate nest could ever dream to become.

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It’s not painful or anything. Just extremely unpleasant.

Guy’s just trying to do his job, cut him some slack.

Maybe the bits that happened to you weren’t. I mean, really, laughing at a bad moment and snorting tea or coffee out your nose is bad enough. Now I’ve been imagining that acid-burn sting in my nose and I can’t un-imagine it.

(I really am starting to think something like that might be the only truly universal common ground. Only, wait. Does anybody like EoM that isn’t EoM?)

He seems to have a real “thing” about us, though. Like, I feel like he might have been picked for his job because he can be depended on not to cut us any slack because he hates us and wants to see us suffer.


He certainly seems extremely skeptical about capsuleers, but I think “hate us and wants us suffer” is an exaggeration.

I understand his position, too. Capsuleers are a menace.