Inner Zone Shipping Distribution Missions?

Hi fellow capsuleers,

Quick question - I moved over to Orvolle with the intention of running L3 Distribution missions for Inner Zone Shipping LP…but after running all their L3 agent missions in Orvolle and Maut once, I keep getting a message to come back later despite white speech bubbles and appropriate standings with the corp - is there something I’m missing or can these only be run once each?

Thanks very much! o7

Sounds like a bug, but…

Have you tried the lvl 2 agent in Orvolle to see if you get the same message ? If you can run them you might want to try and do enough to get a storyline and returning to the lvl 3 agent afterwards to see if it changed something.

If you get the same message, you could try an Interbus agent to see if it has anything to do with Evermore

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Great idea, thanks!

I’ve checked again in Orvolle and can repeat the lvl 2 agent’s missions till my heart’s content - still no dice with the lvl 3 agents though…will hop over to Maut and check the same still applies there, then check out the Interbus agents as you’ve suggested. Will pop in a bug ticket when I’ve checked it all out :slight_smile:

Cheers again!

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I don’t have a solution but this has been my experience as well. Either the missions are bugged… or it’s working as intended in that there may be too many people trying for the same missions. I think that’s a possibility because Inner Zone is one of the only corporations that Gallente pilots start off with a very high positive standings with, once we’ve completed the Career Agents. It could be that many players see that and try to make their way there.