Inner Zone Shipping Distribution Missions?

Hi fellow capsuleers,

Quick question - I moved over to Orvolle with the intention of running L3 Distribution missions for Inner Zone Shipping LP…but after running all their L3 agent missions in Orvolle and Maut once, I keep getting a message to come back later despite white speech bubbles and appropriate standings with the corp - is there something I’m missing or can these only be run once each?

Thanks very much! o7

Sounds like a bug, but…

Have you tried the lvl 2 agent in Orvolle to see if you get the same message ? If you can run them you might want to try and do enough to get a storyline and returning to the lvl 3 agent afterwards to see if it changed something.

If you get the same message, you could try an Interbus agent to see if it has anything to do with Evermore

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Great idea, thanks!

I’ve checked again in Orvolle and can repeat the lvl 2 agent’s missions till my heart’s content - still no dice with the lvl 3 agents though…will hop over to Maut and check the same still applies there, then check out the Interbus agents as you’ve suggested. Will pop in a bug ticket when I’ve checked it all out :slight_smile:

Cheers again!

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