[INSRT][C2|0.0/C5] Recruiting Veteran Players US TZ

Are you sick of all the nullsec bs but still enjoy the frags? Do you enjoy blops and small gang warfare? Do you think it would be amazing to rage roll for nullsec content and have access to high class wh space?? Maybe INSRT is for you!

INSRT is a primarily US TZ dominant corp looking for other experienced pilots to join us in our daily shenanigans. We’re rebuilding after a bit of a lull and trying to bolster our tz’s with a heavy focus on US TZ.

Our home system is a C2 w/ Null/C5 statics. We chose to move from our C5 to this system and it provides potentially the most content rich environment in the game. By having immediate access to both high class wormhole space and 0.0 we can effectively choose the content we have.

The doctrines we use range from small nano gang stuff to blops and t3’s. This allows us to accept engagements in multiple environments.

What we offer:

Private Pathfinder, TS3, Discord, and Fleet-up access
Citadel access in our hole for safe storage of ships, clones
Local buyback program for blue loot, gas, ore and more
Scout a dank kill, call in the corp, and YOU get the loot
Opportunities for any member to FC in not-■■■■ doctrines
A unique and relaxed culture focused on good times
Small gang warfare (lots of nano shit)
A lot of blops

What we are looking for:

Veteran PVP Pilots wormhole experience not required
15m+ SP
Full API keys and ts3 with a working mic is mandatory
Familiar with basic wh mechanics
Scanning Skills
Basic Understanding of hunting in Nullsec

Please Join our recruitment channel “INSRT-PUB” or contact Moomoodachshundcow, or Keten Kennek for more info!

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